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Tuesday True Blood Roundtable: Bad Blood

Spoilers Below After the demise of the Thursday Lost Roundtable, Sally and I decided to open up the floor to our undead friends for a weekly roundtable discussion of Feministe’s vampire show of choice: True Blood. There is a lot … Continue reading

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911 is a joke.

Perhaps that’s why Real American Tea Partiers never call it?

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Expect lots of extroverted, neurotic babies coming soon.

Who read NY Daily News this weekend? Did you see that article? One called “Extroverted men, neurotic women are the most fertile combination: study“? If you’re anything like me (Jewish, New Yorker, and yes, neurotic) you glanced at this and … Continue reading

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Hello, sunshines!

Yo! My name is Isabel, and I am honored/slightly freaked/mostly way excited to be able to guest-blog around here for two weeks. My internet activity happens pretty much at my tumblr, which maintains roughly the formality of the emails I … Continue reading

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What’s up? I’m Erica, and for the next two weeks, you’re mine.

Hey there! So, I’m Erica Sackin, one of the many guest bloggers whose semi-capable hands you’ve been left in for the next two weeks. I’m a feminist, but usually I write more about the young and tragically hip for websites … Continue reading

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The Absence of No: Re-considering the Yes focus in critique of rape culture

RMJ (also known as Rachel McCarthy James) is a twentysomething who grew up in Kansas and currently lives in Virginia. She works in education and loves cooking, cats, and television. She blogs about feminism and stuff at Deeply Problematic. Trigger … Continue reading

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Keeping Up With Those Little Rascals in Congress: A User’s Guide

Speaking of American exceptionalism, are you interested in tracking what the US legislature is up to? Good, because I got a request for this post, so here we go! While it’s great to rely on action items from sites and … Continue reading

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I’ll make you a deal like any other candidate…

Melissa Harris-Lacewell and Katrina vanden Heuvel were on GRITtv yesterday to talk about the “Year of the Woman” framing that’s hit hard after the round of primary elections we saw in the States last week, and something that Harris-Lacewell said … Continue reading

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Feministe and Accessibility

I’m going to talk about website accessibility, both in general and specifically regarding Feministe. I’m going to talk about the responsibilities of contributors, and also of commenters, to our community.

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