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Last-minute Monday Fluff: Mysterious As The Dark Side Of The Moon

In which I talk about my really like disproportional, somewhat inexplicable, and frankly kind of embarrassing love of Disney films! …again. Y’all, I swear, I think about things other than this! Like all the fucking time! Like, I HAVE semi-substantialish … Continue reading

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Dhamma Comments: An Experiment

Hey, friends! How’s things? Goodness gracious, it is a pleasure to be here. Been following this blog and its community for years now (even wrote part of my college thesis about it!), through many changes in my own feminist life. … Continue reading

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Allo, allo

I see a couple of the other guest bloggers this week have already started, so I figured twas time for me to get cracking myself with an introduction. I do this with some anxiety, since my introductory thread last year … Continue reading

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The Media v. Black Women: The Peculiar Case of the Media’s Obsession with Unmarried Black Women

This is a guest-post by Diane Lucas. Diane is an attorney in New York. By now, everyone in the country with access to a television, the internet or a book store has gotten the memo that black women marry at … Continue reading

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Rape, Trauma, and Terrorism

Jessica Stern had an incredible op-ed in the Washington Post yesterday. Stern is a noted expert on terrorism and national security, and is a lecturer at Harvard and served on Bill Clinton’s National Security Council. But in her piece yesterday, … Continue reading

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Genital cutting as “research” at Cornell University

UPDATE: In the comments, many people have pointed out that these surgeries appear to have been done on intersex children. I have updated the post to reflect that. _________________________________ Several readers have sent on this story out of Cornell University … Continue reading

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Hello, and an introduction

Hi Feministe! I’m Nisha, and I’ll be guest blogging here for the next two weeks. I have a blog, although I don’t update it that much since I usually write in a variety of other places. I’ve written for Mediaite, … Continue reading

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on language, and body, and fear

Originally posted here like eight thousand years ago in internet time; reposted because I’ll try but I’m not sure whether I’ll get a chance to write something for Feministe today, and because it’s in a pretty different vein than the … Continue reading

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