SYTYCD Season 7 Top 6

Spoilers below!

This week on SYTYCD: even more injuries, even more tears, it’s like the episodes are reruns or something. Except with KENNY FREAKIN’ ORTEGA! Jump over to the recap and discuss with me.

Last week, it was Ashley’s turn to leave because of an injury. She was my fave, so I was sad to see her go, but I understand. This week, Billy’s injured, but it seems like he’ll be able to dance next week so hopefully that won’t send him home. Aside from that, it was an… interesting night.

Lauren & Twitch – Hip hop by Tabitha & Napoleon. Twitch, I could do without the color contacts, but Lauren was awesome. She did smile a lot, but her dancing was great and intense. Love.

Jose & Allison – A Sonya contemporary piece. I was bored and I couldn’t tell if it was the choreography or my dislike for Jose or what. But, either way, I was bored and that’s sad.

Robert & Lauren (All-Star) – A jazz routine by Tyce. I liked Robert in this, which surprised me because I’m not a big fan of his. He’s grown on me in the last two weeks.

AdéChiké solo – I really liked this solo. He’s grown on me just like Robert has, it’s interesting…

Kent & Kathryn – A Sonya jazz number. This was uncharacteristically happy for Sonya, but I really liked it. I don’t think Kent outdanced Kathryn, but it was good.

Robert solo – His parents are adorable! The solo was good, I liked the end.

Lauren solo – Her solo was kinda meh, but whatevs.

AdéChiké & Comfort – Lyrical hip hop by Tabitha & Napoleon. Comfort’s great and he’s really good too, but I wasn’t as moved as everyone else seemed to be. Not sure if I missed something there… I mean, I really liked it, but I wasn’t crying or anything.

Jose solo – This is probably his best solo yet, and still I don’t want him to stay.

Kent solo – Not much to say about this one, it was okay. But I did notice for the first time that the audience doesn’t count down during the solos anymore, which is great!

Lauren (competitor) & Robert – A samba by Dmitry. Robert has weird partnering moments that bug me. He’ll have great performances and suddenly almost drop his partner or get clumsy or something else. I’d like him a lot more if not for that. Aside from that, they both did a good job. I think Lauren was smokin’.

ETA (thanks Deborah)
AdéChiké & Jose – A paso doble by Dmitry. The fact that I completely forgot about this pretty much explains how I feel about it. It would have been great if not for Jose’s distracting angry face and AdéChiké being only okay.

Kent & Twitch – A stepping routine by Chuck Maldonado. Twitch stepped in for Billy. So. Okay. 1) Why is there so much music playing during a step? The point of a step is to actually hear the beats you make with your body, not to look cool to random music. 2) I have to admit that I think it would have bugged me to see two white guys stepping. 3) Part of what wasn’t believable about Kent stepping has more to do with his fresh-face look than his race. Stepping is hard, intense, and all about using your body as an instrument. It’s not as much about a character or story or looking nice. I can’t quite describe it, but I know I didn’t like it. P.S. – Totally kept expecting the crowd to start chanting Yo Baby lol

So, I still want Jose to go home – big surprise there, I know. Honestly, if he stays, it will really annoy me. And since we’re getting close to the end now, I’ll say that if Lauren doesn’t win this, I’ll be bummed.

What did you all think? Any Greeks in the readership – as in, Greek-lettered orgs and not nationality – or general fans of stepping? Who do you want to see go home?

3 comments for “SYTYCD Season 7 Top 6

  1. July 22, 2010 at 12:40 pm

    You left out the Paso Doblé. Rightly so.

    NappyTabs had a great week. I *was* very moved by the “Falling” hip-hop, and I think it was the best piece of choreography of the season.

    I don’t get why they were all over Kent last week *or* this. Kathryn totally outdanced Kent and I thought he was making way too much happy face during the stepping.

    I loved Robert’s samba. He really had excellent samba posture.

  2. July 22, 2010 at 12:53 pm

    Thanks! Added!

    Yeah, I’m not sure why they’re so into Kent. Right now, I don’t think there’s any one guy to beat and, if there was, I’m not sure it’d be him. All of the guys have great moments but also have a long way to go.

  3. July 23, 2010 at 12:40 am

    Yes, HURRAY on canning the completely distracting countdown during solos. Now I can actually appreciate them, or not, from start to finish. Jose has really upped his game in his solos. It demonstrates why he was chosen for the top ten: he is very strong in his genre. But, the fact that he wasn’t sent home tonight is sort of bizarre to me.

    I agree Robert has been showing stronger technique and personality that is, at least at times, less smarmy than it can be.

    I also am with you on whether it would have worked for Billy and Kent to do a stepping piece–well, it would/could have worked, in the sense that Billy could do grace and technique like Fred Astaire, but even Fred Astaire said, relative to tapping now, not stepping, that he didn’t compare to the Nicholas Brothers.

    So they might have made it into something, but what it would have been wouldn’t have likely had the intensity of what the form typically calls for. But bringing one’s own personality to various genres is happening a lot this season, so I would at least like to have seen them do the piece together.

    I REALLY hope Billy is fine to dance from next week forward. And it’s good to see Alex in good spirits. I’m really impressed with Lauren, and hope she makes it to the final.

    My prediction for who will/should go off the show next week, given that two will go: Robert and Jose.

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