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Following up on the Sydney feminist blogger meet-up

Some folks who couldn’t make it requested that the picnic be blogged, so here we are! We had loads of fun with much conversation (oh, you wish you were there for the discussion of Middle English slash, I know how … Continue reading

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Global Maternal Health Conference 2010: Empowering the Next Generation

This is the first in a series of posts coming from the Global Maternal Health Conference in New Delhi, the first conference of its kind. According to EngenderHealth‘s Maternal Health Task Force’s website, ‘Every minute, a woman dies from complications … Continue reading

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Watching Buffy for the First Time

So I’ve finally been getting around to watching Buffy — the original vampire obsession. Well, maybe not quite the original. I think that would be Dracula. All the feminists (and feminist dudes) I know have been telling me I’ll love … Continue reading

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Tuesday True Blood Roundtable, “I Smell a Rat”

Happy Tuesday, fangbangers. With the penultimate episode of this season now under our belts, Sally and Thomas and I get together to discuss the latest from the hellmouth at Bontemps. Season Three is almost over, but dry your bleeds, kids. … Continue reading

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Feministe Feedback: Talking to Students About Women in Popular Culture

A reader writes in looking for resources: I would love some help. I teach high school at small private school and in two weeks, I will be one of the chaperones on a four-day camping trip with about 80 10th … Continue reading

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Lessons from Camp.

It seems as though everything I encounter this week is a reminder than summer is coming to an end (well, except the weather. It’s 90 degrees outside. In Maine). Whenever I think about summer, I think about camp. I was … Continue reading

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thanks, Feministe!

Folks of Feministe, thanks so much for a marvelous two weeks in your realm! I really enjoyed the discussion and the warm welcome I received here. Before I go, I got a message today that I felt compelled to share … Continue reading

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Getting More Women to Tech

On Friday, the Wall Street Journal published a piece by Shira Ovide, one of its media reporters, about the lack of women in the leadership among tech companies and talked about the protests over the separately branded TEDWomen conference that … Continue reading

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On Generosity

This is the third in a series examining issues raised by a blog post from Chamber of Commerce Senior Communications Director Brad Peck, where he suggested that women’s interest in closing the gender pay gap amounted to a “fetish for … Continue reading

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In The Books

It seems there’s been a bit of an uptick lately in musings on either side of the internet-is-destroying-our-attention-spans vs. internet-is-changing-our-consciousness-for-the-better debate. I don’t know which point of view has the right of it, even if I do think I read … Continue reading

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Shameless Self-Promotion Sunday

Post a link to something you’ve written this week, along with a description. Make it specific — don’t just link your whole blog.

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Happy birthday, tigtog!

It is the birthday of our rather incredible (jaw-droppingly so) tech whiz, tigtog of Hoyden About Town! On this glorious occasion, Rufus Sewell presents her with a birthday candle! And I present her with my best wishes for a wonderful … Continue reading

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