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Lucky Lady

Originally published at Two Women Blogging “Aren’t you lucky! He helps around the house!” Yup. He helps. Because picking up his laundry, cooking his meals, paying his bills, and raising his child is by rights my job. Of course, my … Continue reading

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Friends Without Benefits

I found my ex-boyfriend on Facebook. Did you raise your eyebrows? What did you assume was going on? Do you think this is a good idea? How do you imagine this story will end? Would it change your mind if … Continue reading

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Feminism and Anti-capitalism: A Love Story

This past Saturday, I participated in Chicago’s Bughouse Square Debates, an annual event where authors, thinkers, and activists stand on literal soapboxes and, amid heckling crowds, argue a point in 15 minutes. My topic was, “Is there such a thing … Continue reading

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True Blood Tuesday Roundtable, “Hitting The Ground”

Greetings, fangbangers. Due to some technical difficulties this week on my end, Sally and I invited Thomas, friend of Feministe and Yes Means Yes author, to weigh in on Sunday’s episode. And for being such a short episode, this one … Continue reading

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Stop and Frisk.

Colorlines magazine has a great video (produced by two young women interning there, Karina Hurtado and Naima Ramos-Chapman) giving voices to the victims of NYC’s Stop and Frisk policy in Brooklyn. Transcript (I did it myself, so forgive any errors) … Continue reading

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Life Isn’t A Rehearsal: Introduction/Prologue

“Life isn’t a rehearsal” is one of my father’s favourite sayings — that and “better than a poke in the eye with a burnt stick.” (No, I don’t know what it means.) At every significant point in my life, I … Continue reading

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Who’s the fairest of them all?

As I mentioned in my introductory post, I’m white, and I have a daughter. My skin is pretty light, but my daughter is extraordinarily pale. A’s got white blond hair, eyebrows that are so pale they’re all but invisible, and … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Jill!

Well, what do you know, it’s Jill’s birthday today! Have a day and year both entertaining and marvellous, Jill, for you deserve it. Alas, your cake will have to be virtual: Leave your birthday wishes in comments.

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