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Shabbat Shalom

I am home after a hectic day. Sam is taking the dogs to the kennel and picking up dinner on his way home – he’s been out of town, we’ve both been ridiculously busy at work, and we’re going away … Continue reading

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Mammally Factual

(The title of this post is based on a poem by Alix Olson called Armpit Hair (Mammally Factual), which I highly recommend.) I’m trying something new. I’m growing out my armpit hair. It started simply enough. I decided that shaving … Continue reading

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Feministe Feedback: Recourse for sexual harassment and assault at work

A Feministe reader writes in with a question: I work for a reputable medical school in central Texas, in the IT department. My department has expanded beyond the space we have in our office, so they moved three of us … Continue reading

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Mark Your Calendars! October 3rd is the day!

It might even be the the greatest day for American women since August 18, 1920. “That will be a national day of celebration for feminists (and, really, for all human beings) everywhere, with dancing in the streets, parades, and fireworks. … Continue reading

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