Hello lovely Feministe readers. I’m a longtime reader but first time blogger here so many thanks to Jill for letting me post here. My name is Kay Steiger, and my day job is editing Campus Progress, part of the Center for American Progress. (My brand-new colleague Shani did some guest blogging for the site a couple weeks back.)

I came to proper feminism by way mostly of Ann Friedman (and many other lovely and intelligent colleagues) when I worked at The American Prospect, but I suppose I always subscribed to the boys-are-no-better-than-girls brand of feminism all my life when I grew up in rural Minnesota. I really became a much more ferocious advocate of feminism when I started in the working world, and realized that much the sexism second-wave feminists fought against in the workplace was still going on to varying degrees. Since then, my eyes have been opened to feminists and womynists of many stripes, who work on issues of domestic violence, sexual assault, street harassment, gender expression, race, economic justice, child care, fashion, and so many other things. I’ve really come to appreciate how diverse this movement is and how much feminism relates to pretty much every aspect of life.

And that is exactly why I’m so excited to write for you for the next couple of weeks. Feministe’s commenters are of the remarkable sort bring all kinds of points of view. Even if I don’t always agree with comments on a Feministe post, I do always appreciate that the commenters brought their perspectives. Thanks for having me.

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