Tuesday True Blood Roundtable: I Smell a Rat

Spoilers below!

Screenshot from True Blood. Sookie is wearing a white top and pressed against a wall by Eric who is wearing a black leather jacket.

This week on True Blood, everything was just one reveal after the other: we found out what Sookie and Crystal are, we got a slice of Sam’s past, we uncovered (part of?) what’s up with Holly, and we learned about Jesus and Lafayette’s ancestry.

Sam’s flashback shows he was scammed by a woman he liked and her boyfriend. He ends up killing her (kinda) by mistake and the boyfriend on purpose. Presumably, this is meant to give his character some depth. Does it succeed or fail?

THOMAS: Succeeded. To make it on his own and own his own bar, Sam had to travel a lot of distance, literally and figuratively, between the time the Merlottes kicked him out and the time he opened his doors in Bontemps. And he had to have the capacity to kick some ass in a tough world. We have seen a lot more of that in the last two episodes, but now we know that he actually holds it back a good deal because he walks around with the personal cost of killing. That adds a lot of depth to what he said when he rolled back into the bar after beating Crystal’s father. Tommy is young and doesn’t know yet, though he seems determined to find out.

LAUREN: Am I alone in thinking this was a weird time to introduce this element of Sam’s story? It felt out of left field for me, and I’m skeptical that there will be enough time in this season to address this completely new version of Sam adequately. We also know that Sam has killed before seeing that he tore Maryanne’s black heart out of her chest in last year’s season finale. So is this really news?

THOMAS: It’s one thing to kill a malevolent menace like Maryanne. It’s another entirely to shoot someone he cared about, and then to walk up to the only witness and execute him. Maryanne doesn’t haunt him.

SALLY: I also thought this was oddly placed. I liked learning more about his past, but I don’t see why we’ve had to wait this long or how this will be used in what little is left of the season.

THOMAS: Sam’s biggest problem with Tommy is that he’s trying to keep everything in so hard that he hasn’t told Tommy about how things were for him. When he told Tommy last episode that he’d done it all in his day, it just came across as paternalistic and ageist. If he could open up to Tommy that he knows what it’s like to steal to eat; to leave town to keep from getting busted or killed; to get conned by someone he thought he loved; and to shoot a man in the back of the head because he’s a witness, keep seeing the face, and drink a bottle of whiskey to forget it … well, then Tommy might respect where he’s coming from when he tells Tommy which mistakes not to make.

SALLY: Yeah, we discussed this a bit last week, but I really wish they would approach this relationship differently. I get that the whole being an older brother thing is new to Sam, but shouldn’t he at least try to treat Tommy the way he treats everybody else? At the moment, he’s treating him like a 12-year-old with bad manners or something. It’s condescending and it’ll never work.

LAUREN: Sam needs to tell Tommy he learned a life lesson about the pitfalls of hair grease.

Arlene wants an abortion but Terry says he wants to raise the kid. Was anybody bothered by this? Then it seems Arlene might have an abortion anyway — thoughts?

THOMAS: For all the supernatural stuff, this is imaginary gardens with real toads in them. Arlene lives in a world where vampires and werewolves and immortal mind-controlling sorcerers are real. She believes that the fetus carries the seed of Rene’s evil. Given what we know and what she’s seen, in the world she lives in we are in no position to tell her she’s wrong. And as much as I like that Terry wants a kid with her and believes that love can conquer genetics, it’s not his call to make. She needs to take care of her own sanity and the children she has. She seems pretty sure what she needs to do, and Terry needs to have her back. Terry wants a baby with her, and she wants one with him, but I suspect their time will come.

SALLY: I was irritated by Terry here. He’s sweet and that’s great, but it annoyed me that he wanted her to keep this baby when she so obviously doesn’t want it. That said, I also hope they’ll get the chance to have a baby together because it’s what they want and they’re nice characters so I want happy things for them.

LAUREN: I’m predicting that Holly will either induce an abortion or we will have some kind of exorcism, or cleansing ceremony or something… are there any Wiccans in the house?

Last week some of us thought that Holly was up to no good. This week, we know she’s a Wiccan with a habit of butting in and trying to help. Are there more secrets there?

THOMAS: The show has a politics, particularly around difference and inclusion, so I would be surprised if Holly was up to no good now that they’ve written her as a Wiccan. However, in the True Blood universe, a habit of butting in and trying to help is like a beacon for trouble.

LAUREN: No kidding! Now that you’ve said that, Thomas, it makes me wonder whether we are naive to accept Jesus as a pure character. Regardless it seems purposeful that Holly is being introduced as a witch at the same time that Jesus and Lafayette are beginning to explore magic.

Jesus wants to drink vampire blood with Lafayette. They have a weird trip and we learn Jesus’ grandfather was a sorcerer and had big plans for Jesus?? Um, what?

THOMAS: Every major character is a super except Tara, and even that depends on her not sharing that part of Lafayette’s lineage. This totally changes how I see Jesus’s character. He’s not a helpless babe in the woods that Lafayette needs to protect. He’s the child of a line of magic users, with powers of his own that he has not discovered. If he and Lafayette go down this road together, and I think they should and will, they’ll make a powerful couple and have more ability to take care of themselves and each other in the scary world Eric pulled Lafayette into. But it comes with the darkness of Jesus’s past, too. The grandfather is a problem they will have to deal with in some way. This makes it easier for Jesus and Lafayette to be together, too. They both bring baggage, and Lafayette doesn’t need to feel like he’s the one forever bringing trouble to an innocent partner’s life.

LAUREN: I’ve got to reserve judgement on this storyline until more happens. It’s another weird turn in the story, in my opinion, so I’m going with you, Thomas.

SALLY: Agreed. I’ll add that I’m still not convinced that Jesus will bring more good than evil/complication, but I’d like to see how this unfolds.

As we predicted, Tara was kinda sorta developing feelings for Jason again. Then he tells her he killed Eggs. Proud moment for Jason? Awful moment for Tara? Both? Something else entirely?

THOMAS: I could not detest Jason more. For once is his asinine life, he had it right when he told Sookie that she couldn’t understand and that for the rest of us, keeping our mouths shut is sometimes necessary to protect people. Then the courage of his conviction failed him, as usual, and he did something stupid and hurt someone he was supposed to be protecting. Nice job, asshole, again.

LAUREN: I don’t know — I’m not convinced that Jason *shouldn’t* have told Tara the truth, but he should have waited for a better time, a time in which she had more emotional stability, and a time in which he was telling her the truth for her sake or for its own sake instead of telling the truth to selfishly relieve himself of guilt.

SALLY: His timing definitely sucks, but I’m pleasantly surprised he actually told her at all. I really thought Sookie might end up being the one to tell Tara. Jason had a lot of guilt, but he also is one of the more selfish characters in many ways, so I didn’t think he’d fess up to Tara directly.

What I definitely wish he’d done is practice more self control and not kiss Tara! Get it together!

Two reveals this week: Sookie is a fairy and Crystal is a shape-shifting black cat of some sort. Are you impressed or bored?

THOMAS: I don’t love the cat people, but Crystal, however poor her choice, at least committed. Jason now knows they are cat people — refer to the Nastasia Kinsky movie of he same name, complete with brother-sister incest, for likely plot elements.

LAUREN: Oh, Cat People. I LOLed.

THOMAS: She’s willing to walk out on her family and everything she knows for Jason. I suspect it won’t work, and she may end up back with the cat people, but if she doesn’t get killed in the process, she will never be as cowed as she was and she’ll never let another asshole raise a hand to her in anger.

SALLY: Yeah, Crystal’s days are numbered. I can only hope that her demise isn’t totally bloody and gross.

THOMAS: The fairy thing was so long in coming that it wasn’t really news, was it? The real news was that vamps wiped out the fairies.

LAUREN: Need moar of this please.

SALLY: It’s weird that in an episode that took us down the paths of Sam’s background and Jesus & Lafayette’s trip would then have rather highly-anticipated, anti-climatic reveals.

Sookie and Eric make out. Yay or nay?

THOMAS: Yes. This direction is inevitable. Pam is not happy, but once Pam finds out that Sookie is part fairy, she’ll at least understand why she has such an effect on Eric. However, the entire season for Sookie has been a faith-shaking series of betrayals by male vampires that she is attracted to, and her best friend is now probably permanently anti-vamp because every vampire she knows has either tried to kill her or left her to die. Sookie just finished telling Eric that he wasn’t helping her trust him, when with characteristic Eric cynicism he locked her in the basement where Lafayette was his prisoner, explaining nothing. And the betrayals are not over! Bill is still lying to her, and she will find out. With Tara by her side and Bill and Eric proving Tara’s point, how can Sookie not become totally suspicious of vampires? I predict that Jessica will be a significant part of the long-term resolution.

LAUREN: If after this season’s revelations about Bill Sookie still takes up with Bill long term, even after Bill drained Sookie and left her to die, and just plain left Tara to die, I will not be able to see Sookie as the show’s moral agent.

SALLY: Sadly, Lauren, I’m pretty sure she’ll still stick with Bill. I’ve been impressed that she’s at least been questioning it a bit more than usual in these last couple of episodes, but I don’t even think that will last for too much longer. She will certainly do it, since that’s what Eric’s asking her to do (figure out if she can trust Bill), but I don’t think it will take too much energy.

As for Sookie and Eric kissing, totally saw it coming but still totally loved it. Something about them just makes me love it.

I’m still waiting for Alcide’s return, though.

Eric is choosing Sookie over himself and Pam, which pisses Pam off. Then he chains up Sookie. What do you think he has planned for her?

THOMAS: To use Sookie to bait Russell, though how remains unclear. Eric took his time to think, and he is a thousand years old and smart, so it can’t be a dumb plan. But Russell is much older and no dummy himself. Is he crazy and impulsive and erratic and arrogant enough to be outfoxed by Eric? The answer necessarily is yes, otherwise Sookie and Eric would be toast, and we know that can’t happen. But it must and will be a wild ride. Pam could get killed, which would make me very sad.

SALLY: I’m so convinced that Pam’s dying, I don’t know what to do with myself! She’s one of the best things about this show — I’d be awfully upset if she died.

Hoyt professes his love for Jessica but she turns him down. Then he’s attacked by Tommy (as a dog) and Jessica saves him. Is it bad news that Hoyt drank her blood? Or is it good enough that they’re back together?

THOMAS: It had to happen that they got back together, and it had to happen that Tommy went after Hoyt, but there’s something tidy about Tommy’s attack breaking the stalemate caused by Jessica’s issues. That moment between Jessica and Tommy was very telling: she said that Hoyt was too good for her, and Tommy said, “I’m not.” Jessica’s problem is that she believes that even though it isn’t true. Tommy’s problem is that by believing it, he makes it true.

SALLY: I really liked this scene, as well as the one between Jessica and Tommy.

Jessica needs to question what it means to be “good enough” and right for each other now that she’s a vampire. Obviously, she needs to consider that it’s always easier to back away, but her feelings for Hoyt are strong enough and they are really good together. I think that Tommy could have helped her see that just a bit, particularly when she tells him that Hoyt always wanted her to accept what/who she was.

Not gonna lie, though — a little part of me wanted Jessica and Tommy to have an epic make-out session before she headed back Hoyt’s way.

THOMAS: Jessica never said she didn’t love Hoyt. She never answered his question. It was all about her self-hate. She is still dealing with an extremely religious and abusive upbringing, and being a vampire, killing someone and having violent urges and enjoying them. That’s a lot. But she has idealized Hoyt, too. He’s a sweet guy in many ways, but when Tommy was standing outside the bar, Hoyt (who is a natural heavyweight to Tommy’s welterweight) snapped a jab right in his face by reflex. He’s done that before, and he was so sure Tommy was going to stay down that he just kept walking.

Russell hires a prostitute to live out a twisted fantasy where he says goodbye to Talbot. WTF??

THOMAS: “Live out” might be an overstatement. Russell is literally wild with grief. It is causing him to act erratically and irrationally. That’s why, though he’s a king and maybe the oldest existing vamp, Eric will beat him. I’m still stuck on the continuity error with Godric, though — Eric told the Authority that he thought Russell had met the true death, which explained why Eric thought Godric was the oldest vampire in the Americas. But Russell was the King of the neighboring state. He didn’t set up his court and his mansion in a few weeks. And Russell has been scheming to marry Sophie Ann for a while. It does not seem like there was time for him to disappear, be thought dead, and reappear over the last few months.

SALLY: I couldn’t stop saying “Is that Navid? Hey, that IS Navid! Navid, what are you doing here being all prostitute-y??”

But after I got over that, I went on with enjoying this scene in all of its warped glory. Russell completely creeped me out; I love how that character just keeps pushing my buttons in new ways each week.

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21 comments for “Tuesday True Blood Roundtable: I Smell a Rat

  1. sarah
    August 24, 2010 at 12:00 pm

    To me the whole Eric storyline is deeply tragic due to the fact that he is torn between his different loyalities. His first and as I would argue also strongest is his paternal love for his child Pam that is strengthened by their over 100 years old relationship . This loyality comprises also Godric and the things he taught Eric. I would argue that Pam deserves his loyality more than Sookie because she actually tries to support Eric and trusts and loves him with her whole being.
    At the moment he shows more patience with Sookie than I can understand. Capturing her is his personal ultima ratio and he does not do it to save himself which would be selfish but to salvage Pam and Sookie. Eric reminds me of the suicidal Godric, a man without much hope left. It is only due to Pam´s fierce love that he finds the strength again to make a plan that presumably could reconcile his contradicting loyalities for Pam, Sookie and his murdered family.
    While Pam understandably is shocked and hurt by his loss of hope and activity Sookie is behind redemption due to her dumbness and selfishness. Honestly, do she and Bill really think that Jason´s house is a save place? At least Bill needs to know how dangerous the situation is and that their only option is to cooperate with Eric and kill Russel together. The fact that Eric killed Talbot did not deteriorate the situation for Bill and Sookie (as Bill acussed Eric) on the contrary it saved Bill from his final death and Sookie from torture and slavery.
    Pam and to a certain extent Eric who is blinded by his feelings for Sookie have accepted that they can´t kill Russel on their own. They need Sookie and her blood. Unfortunately Sookie is unable to judge the situation like an adult and assumes that Eric only will (ab)use her without acknowledging that her own situation is more than messy if Russel stays alive and belligerent. Eric tried to find help in a peaceful way but he failed due to Sookie´s dumbness/naivety and Bill´s complete ignorance.
    I hated every single minute of Eric throwing Sookie into prison. It looked humilating and was certainly degrading for Sookie. But I have to admit that if I was in the same situation I would have done exactly the same as Eric. There is no solution for everyone (!!) without Sookie´s help. Eric might be ready to lose his unlife but he won´t allow Sookie and Bill to risk their own lifes plus Pam´s and maybe even Jason´s and Crystal´s only because of their ignorance.
    Some said that Eric behaved like a misogynist. I disagree because we saw that Eric greatest loyality belongs to Pam, a woman he does not desire in a sexual way and whom he treats as an equal. We already learned that Pam´s health is more important to him than the promise he gave his dying father and his crush for Sookie. For her he worked together with his enemy RE , flatted him, disclaimed Godric only to save his child from the magister.
    Bill on the other hand acted unbelievably paternalistic towards Sookie in this ep. Instead of discussing the situation and all (!) options with her he chose to deal with Jason “from man to man”. As former procurer of the Queen Bill has to know the power of RE and his obsession to use Sookie as a pawn in a to-be war. He must know the danger their in and the only solution: Eric´s help. by staying impassive he risks all of their lifes.

  2. Fiona
    August 24, 2010 at 12:24 pm

    And this is the reason I love Tuesdays! I enjoyed this week’s episode much more than the last few, so hopefully the show finale will be decent.

    Not a cat people expert, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that was a panther. There are panthers in Louisiana, right?

    Re: Jason & Tara. Yeah, Jason should have kept his mouth shut until they weren’t all hiding out from werewolves (I’m really worried that Tara running out of the house on her own is going to get into some kind of danger, girl can’t catch a break), but by telling Sookie about Eggs, he kind of screwed himself. Sookie may be a bad friend most of the time, but I doubt she was going to agree to lie to Tara about it once she knew, so he had to get on with it.

    Also, the Russell-Eric-continuity-error? Not really an error. Eric thought “he” died, but “he” was just a hypothetical super-old vampire with a werewolf following who killed Eric’s family. Eric had the tattoos and a glimpse of the cloaked vamp to go by. He didn’t ID Russell as the vamp in question until he found the crown, so he could well have been hiding out in Mississippi unnoticed for decades.

  3. nia
    August 24, 2010 at 12:35 pm

    I’m not a Wiccan, but I do know that certain herbs, like black cohosh (which Holly offered Sam) can serve as abortifacients if you take enough of them.

  4. August 24, 2010 at 12:39 pm

    A panther is a leopard, native to Africa. Jaguars, which are more heavily built, are native to the Americas, including parts of Mexico, but I believe are unknown in Louisiana. Pumas are known the the South, including Florida and probaby Louisiana, but that didn’t look like a puma to me, and I don’t know if all black coloration is even known among pumas.

    About continuity, I’m not saying that Eric knew that the vampire who controlled the wolves was also Russell, King of Mississippi. I’m saying Russell’s been King of Mississippi for some time, it seems, with a household and political connections. Even if Eric didn’t know that it was Russell who slaughtered his family and controlled the wolves, wouldn’t he have known that the King of Mississippi was the oldest vampire in the Americas, older than Godric?

  5. Yoannah
    August 24, 2010 at 1:49 pm

    re: continuity – I think we shouldn’t take it literary, it was a hyperbole expressing Eric’s deep devotion to Godric.

    re: Eric and Russel’s issue – Skarsgard is amazing in showing Eric’s emotions, especially compared to Bill’s. He is powerful, smart and self-confident but wise enough to know own limitations, to realize the danger, to feel fear and try to at least take care of the ones he loves. He is scared and on edge, and we can fully feel him and empathize with him. Great playing. But he should finally stop waiting for Bill to say something but tell Sookie the “truth”. She deserves it, especially when she is so confused being for the first time among persons whose brains she can’t read! She is worse equipped than all other people, used to not knowing what others think.

    re: Jason and Tara. I liked that they show Jason has some feelings, moral issues, some spine that was seriously injured. His dealing with the issue wasn’t best – but I think he told Tara in the right moment, he couldn’t deal with Tara thinking of him as a hero any extra second, he didn’t want Tara to fall for a lie.
    And I liked that he finally snapped on Bill, who really needed it.

    oh, I begin to seriously hate bill. HE masters the annoying, paternalistic, selfish, lying bastard. I hate manipulative, misogynist controlling characters like his, pretending to do it all for “love” for “protection”.

    re: Jesus and Lala – I Think it was really great to help Lafayette discover his own heritage of power women, whose power he needs to find in himself now. Both of them are descendants of sorcerers/witches and it was shown in a positive way, which I really like. There was a lot of respect for traditional healing, shamanism, minority-oriented beliefs. It’s rich, real and true – not silly, flat or evil. I am looking forward to learn more about that.

  6. rae
    August 24, 2010 at 2:14 pm

    Admittedly, it seems a bit far-fetched that he wouldn’t know that he was older than Godric, but someone so old probably has a lot of enemies, so he may not have advertised it to people he did not think he could trust. Maybe. But I think that Eric only began suspecting Russel of killing his father when he found out he was employing werewolves. Eric probably didn’t interact with Russel a whole lot before this season, since he assumed he (as in the mysterious vampire who killed his family, not yet identified as Russel) was dead.

  7. Roxie
    August 24, 2010 at 2:32 pm

    The “cat people” that you so hilariously refer to (cause now I have visions of a dancing Mr Mistoffelees) are “were-panthers”.

    There were some hints of Sam’s grifter past last season. In a flashback he slept with Maryanne & stole her money, but nothing as dark as this.

    Also, I loved the interaction between Bill & Jason. Jason telling Bill that he can’t control Sookie (and that’s something Bill should’ve known by now) and rescinding his invitation.

  8. Michele
    August 24, 2010 at 3:01 pm

    Sally said that Arlene and Terry deserve to have a kid of their own because they are “nice characters” but lately Arlene has been very rude by provoking Jessica all the time, so she hasn’t been winning any points with me. Even so, I agree that Terry wasn’t doing the right thing by coercing her to have the baby she is so clearly distraught about.

    I’m not sure about Holly, so far she seems to have good intentions. I wouldn’t be surprised if they let her be a “good witch” since so many of the supernatural characters newly introduced have been major villians.

    Jason’s idiocy has not ceased to amaze me. Tara has just been getting shit on this entire season and I don’t know that she’ll be allowed to have any time to overcome it all. I really don’t see how she is going to amount to anything other than a mental breakdown after all she has been through and the minimal support of her bff who can read minds but somehow didn’t take her seriously until she straight up told her she had been kidnapped, abused, and raped. A person without fairy powers could have seen that something really serious had happened.

  9. August 24, 2010 at 4:25 pm

    I was screaming at Jason not to tell Tara right then and there. Of course I knew he would.

    It seemed to me that the show turned a corner toward portraying the vampires as pure evil – with Bill lying to Sookie, Jessica embracing the part of her vampire nature that kills human beings, and Eric coming right out to Sookie as the guy who can hold her prisoner as he pleases. I guess you can say the human beings are coming off just as badly – maybe we’re just in a Flannery O’Connor story, where nobody is the moral agent. But I miss the moral ambiguity from the first episode of the first season, when the violence went from humans toward vampires.

  10. August 24, 2010 at 4:53 pm

    Right now, I think this is a story without a moral agent. Tara’s as close as we have, but she’s also become a bigot. She has her reasons, a lot more than Arlene does, but they hate vampires as a class. Jason is a halfwit with no impulse control, Bill is a lying sack, Eric is playing a revenge game and hoping it doesn’t kill everyone he loves. We’ve just been informed that Sam has murdered for money and revenge. Lafayette could move into that role, which would be interesting given the mercenary path he’s been on since we’ve known him.

  11. Yoannah
    August 24, 2010 at 5:15 pm

    @Thomas – I agree, I don’t think there was supposed to be one. The closest to the pure hero character would be the ordinary people, good deep down, but making sometimes bad choices trying to navigate really messed up situations. I think Sookie is supposed to be the one who is more or less ordinary person, brought up to be a good person, who went through a lot of crazy things that forced her to make choices she might regret later.

    I find eric pretty close to that as well. He is cynical and selfish on the outside, as that’s what living for thousand years required of him, but inside he still has a pretty strong moral radar. He’s messing up as well, trying to do too much by himself and not explaining anything to anyone… sookie might be willing to help him in a plan to kill Russel, it’s in her interest as well, but he doesn’t trust her, he just wants to do it all by himself, choosing explanations for later.

  12. Li
    August 24, 2010 at 6:04 pm

    Thomas, some but not all panthers are leopards. In South America, “panther” can refer to a black jaguar, which is fairly rare but not unknown.

    Wikipedia also tells me that there’s a species of cougars called “Florida Panthers”, which gets us geographically closer, but cougars are almost never melanistic, and have a different looking face to the cat Crystal shifts from.

  13. GinnyC
    August 24, 2010 at 6:25 pm

    Why is the Hotshot community white? I can’t think of any area with native panthers where the native peoples would be white. Maybe wereanimals don’t work that way, but it’s been bothering me since we found out Crystal is a werepanther.

  14. harlemjd
    August 24, 2010 at 7:03 pm

    eh, I’m not so down on Terry for his reaction because all he saw was how upset Arlene was about telling him that the baby was Rene’s. Seeing that, without her reveal to Holly, which was much calmer, it would be hard to know how much of what she’s saying is about fear of Terry’s reaction to finding out she’s pregnant by another man (and if that were what was going on, his reaction would have been what she was hoping for), and how much is because she does not want this baby, full stop. If he doesn’t realize the difference and act supportive, he will stop being one of my favorite characters, but for now I can see how he could misread Arlene’s real feelings and needs.

  15. Ebonlock
    August 24, 2010 at 8:57 pm

    As a Wiccan I’m watching the development of Holly with some very real interest. I had my suspicions when I first saw her and Arlene talking and was delighted with the reveal in this week’s ep. I will say that when she outed herself and Sam immediately muttered that Merlotte’s was a religion-free zone I was doubly delighted, one because I love that Sam decided his bar was going to be neutral space, not an easy thing to declare in the deep South; and two because the writers acknowledge Wicca as a religion. It’s been incredibly annoying to see one depiction of “Wicca” after another in film and tv treat it along the lines of a college major – read the books, say the words, cast the spells and you’re a Wiccan.

    I will say the one scene that actually made me crow aloud was Jason rescinding his invitation to Bill and kicking him out of the house. Of course he also made me want to beat my head against the wall when he blurted out the Eggs thing to Tara at the worst possible moment. On the other hand it is classic Jason, stupid, selfish and yet naively honest at the same time.

    I definitely thought Jesus had a background in voodoo after his comments on Lafayette’s “altar”, but I’m still not entirely clear what magical school he’s supposed to belong to. Lala referred to him as a Shaman, I think he said his grandfather was a “sorcerer” and his grandmother appears to have been a kind of hedge witch/wise woman. I too am hoping he can help Lafayette find enough of his own power to get out from under Eric’s control. I like the mighty Northman as much as anyone else but he’s a real douche of a boss.

    Speaking of, Pam officially won my heart with her snarky, “Blah, blah, vampire emergency, blah” line. Seriously, I’m going to be quoting that for…quite possibly the rest of my life.

  16. Roxie
    August 25, 2010 at 3:47 am

    I have to agree with Yoanah about Jason’s reveal; it was the right time. He just couldn’t let Tara believe that he was her hero and he couldn’t live with her affections. Nor did he want her to believe what happened between them was b/c she was fucked up. To let her go one believing & feeling these things about him when he had shot & killed the man she loved, he just couldn’t stand for a second longer. Jason may not have a good…vocabulary, but he does know right from wrong (even when he’s doing the latter). In that moment I believe he really did, not only right, but what was best for Tara.

  17. Daisy-Boo
    August 25, 2010 at 3:49 am

    GinnyC: Why is the Hotshot community white? I can’t think of any area with native panthers where the native peoples would be white. Maybe wereanimals don’t work that way, but it’s been bothering me since we found out Crystal is a werepanther.  (Quote this comment?)

    *This comment contains info from the books*

    In the book series, Hot Shot is a small insular community where everyone is related to one another. They keep to themselves and rarely allow outsiders in. In fact, this becomes quite a problem for them as time goes by. The TV series does a severe injustice in their portrayal of the people of Hot Shot and I’m really annoyed about that.

    They are were-panthers in the book but no context is given to that – there is no exploration of why they’re panthers, as opposed to any other animal. I think that’s because the book series has several were-animals and it would probably distract the reader to explore all their origins.

  18. pep.
    August 25, 2010 at 9:33 am

    *This comment contains info from the books*In the book series, Hot Shot is a small insular community where everyone is related to one another. They keep to themselves and rarely allow outsiders in. In fact, this becomes quite a problem for them as time goes by. The TV series does a severe injustice in their portrayal of the people of Hot Shot and I’m really annoyed about that.They are were-panthers in the book but no context is given to that – there is no exploration of why they’re panthers, as opposed to any other animal. I think that’s because the book series has several were-animals and it would probably distract the reader to explore all their origins.

    Also, in the books, it never says that they are black panthers, so I just assumed “panther” meant “Florida panther” (i.e. puma).

  19. Daisy-Boo
    August 26, 2010 at 5:00 am

    pep.: Also, in the books, it never says that they are black panthers, so I just assumed “panther” meant “Florida panther” (i.e. puma).  (Quote this comment?)

    That’s a good point. I hadn’t noticed that no reference was made in the books to what colour the were-panthers are. I automatically assumed that the Hot Shot weres are black panthers because that is the colour I associate with the animal.

  20. pep.
    August 26, 2010 at 1:32 pm

    That’s a good point. I hadn’t noticed that no reference was made in the books to what colour the were-panthers are. I automatically assumed that the Hot Shot weres are black panthers because that is the colour I associate with the animal.  

    Yeah, I was lucky to have read the Wikipedia article recently. Otherwise, I wouldn’t even have known that panthers are not a species at all.

  21. Kathy
    September 2, 2010 at 11:03 am

    AAKKKKK! Where is your round table on “Fresh Blood???” I anxiously await!

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