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Fat and Health.

Jezebel posted today on a perennial favorite among feminist bloggers: the BMI. This was prompted by a doctor in the New York Times talking about how useless a measure it is for personal health. Here’s my response: of course it … Continue reading

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Distorting Relationships

This is the fourth in a series examining issues raised by a blog post from Chamber of Commerce Senior Communications Director Brad Peck, where he suggested that women’s interest in closing the gender pay gap amounted to a “fetish for … Continue reading

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Restrictions on Choice in States

Yesterday the Center for Reproductive Rights released a report that gave a deeply depressing rundown of all the ways states have worked to restrict reproductive rights this year. Reading the whole report is worthwhile, but here are the highlights. There … Continue reading

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Local Context Matters to Women’s Lives: A Report from Delhi

This is the second in a series of posts coming from the Global Maternal Health Conference in New Delhi, the first conference of its kind. According to EngenderHealth‘s Maternal Health Task Force’s website, ‘Every minute, a woman dies from complications … Continue reading

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Really I Just Blame Facebook

The summer between my freshman and sophomore years of college was simply idyllic. I spent my days working on an ocean-front lobster shack and my nights out around Portland, Maine. I may not have made a lot of money that … Continue reading

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Hostage Situations

Over at The Daily Beast, Beverly Willett writes about New York’s new no-fault divorce laws, using her own divorce to illustrate her point that no-fault laws are bad for families, marriages and society. She sees marriage as a permanent, life-long … Continue reading

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Sweet Serendipity

Funny that my spiral into self-reflection (and slight self-blaming) coincided with my time as a guest blogger here at Feministe. Actually, it isn’t funny at all – things in my life usually tends to work in an oddly serendipitous manner … Continue reading

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Raising the dead

originally published at What Tami Said I’ve been trying to raise the dead. With faded photographs, copied records, old death certificates, family hearsay and e-mails from long-lost cousins. I am an amateur family historian. And this is what I do. … Continue reading

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I was out browsing and found that the Slacktivist felt compelled to apologize recently, in order to head off any terrible misunderstandings: As a white male Baptist, it is my duty today to denounce the violence perpetrated by Patrick Gray … Continue reading

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