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Talking about one’s views on sex does not equal “sexualizing”

So apparently I’m a bad feminist for pointing out that Christine O’Donnell is opposed to masturbation, and that she thinks it’s akin to adultery. As bad a feminist as Rachel Maddow, even! Listen guys (or Legal Insurrection Guy, as the … Continue reading

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Not What We Do

This is a guest post by Thomas MacAulay Millar. Thomas regularly blogs at Yes Means Yes. In fantasyland, the BDSM community is clearly defined, composed exclusively of ethical people who basically agree on our values, who have polite if lively … Continue reading

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Come Support the New York Abortion Access Fund

This week the New York Abortion Access Fund dipped below $1000, less than our average weekly grant total. To replenish the fund and keep our services operating, we are calling an emergency fundraiser for this Thursday, September 16th. Please join … Continue reading

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Big wins for the Tea Party; losses for hairy palms

Tea Party favorite Christine O’Donnell won the Republican primary in Delaware last night, which is a big victory for the far right. While O’Donnell isn’t hugely opposed to sins like lying and stealing, she is very much against the horrors … Continue reading

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Study finds people are fucking disgusting.

Seriously dudes, that shit is gross. Wash your hands.

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