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Happy Birthday, Chally!

Happy Birthday, Chally!

Today (her time!) is the birthday of our very own and very fabulous Chally! Here’s to hoping, Chally, that this next year is as awesome as you are. Please accept this humble offering of the thing I assumed you would enjoy most in the world — David Tennant with a cute little kitty cat: Leave […] more

My Endless New York

Not much else to say other than, Tony Judt, you are so sorely missed. I’m not sure there’s a writer alive who so perfectly articulates the spirit of a place or the truths of a particular time. The public intellectual, the insightful and accessible historian, seems to have taken a back seat to the partisan […] more

10 Essential Books of the Last 25 Years

As interpreted by A Total Dude who would like to emphasize how much of a Total Dude he is. I mean really, Cormac McCarthy is #1? Then Fight Club? The Beach made your Top 10? JAMES FREY? Even putting aside the fact that eight of the ten books on the list were written by white […] more