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And… she’s Muslim

So this article by Nick Kristof isn’t actually as bad as it could be. He honors Dr. Hawa Abdi, who is a pretty amazing woman. He points out that it’s totally fucked up that there are going to be Congressional … Continue reading

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Hospital saves woman’s life; is told by Catholic leadership not to do it again.

File under “You know you’re an asshole when…”: A Catholic hospital saved the life of a young mother of four. The woman was pregnant and suffered from life-threatening pulmonary hypertension, which caused her heart to begin to fail. Doctors determined … Continue reading

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Maybe I will have something more intelligent to say about this later, but: I appreciate women who are able to have a sense of humor about fashion, and who recognize that for a lot of us, clothing is wearable art … Continue reading

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NYPD Fakes Statistics, Downgrades Rape Charges

Anyone who’s seen The Wire knows the drill here: There’s political pressure to have lower crime rates, and so crimes are downgraded and not fully pursued. Which, in New York, has let serial rapists go free. An investigative report by … Continue reading

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What gay marriage opponents have in common with gay French philosophers

This is a guest post by Rachel Hills. Rachel Hills is a London-based freelance writer on gender issues. She blogs at Musings of an Inappropriate Woman, and is currently writing a book on young people, sex and identity. Recently I … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Jane Austen!

Jane Austen, observer of the minutiae in Regency English life, is fundamental reading in many a lady’s library. She would have been 235 years old today. I can never quite decide if my favourite of hers is Emma or Sense … Continue reading

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