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Time to invest in tampons and Chardonnay.

image via Tampon Crafts. Women will recover faster from the recession than men, which leads economists to suggest investing in female-centered companies like Ann Taylor and Lululemon. Women will rebound from the U.S. recession faster than men because females didn’t … Continue reading

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Swedish feminists start a Twitter campaign to talk about sexual assault

This is awesome. Sometimes it’s difficult, even impossible, to talk about negative sexual experiences. About the times when our boundaries were violated, but we didn’t say anything. About times when we violated others without realizing it. About times when we … Continue reading

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Monday Reads

A few things to get your week started right: 150 Years of Vassar: A photo spread. Thanks, Lauren, for the link. I know a lot of us are WikiLeaks-ed out, but there are two more pieces worth checking out: This … Continue reading

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Colombia ensures free access to contraceptives

Way to go. The Colombian Government recently passed a law which guarantees access to free contraceptives, including surgical procedures such as vasectomy and tubal ligation. The law was proposed several years ago, but received the push into legislation from new … Continue reading

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In case you didn’t hear the good news yet…

“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” which is the American law barring openly gay men and women from serving in the military, was repealed by the Senate this weekend. Once Obama signs the bill, the military will no longer be able to … Continue reading

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Shameless Self-Promotion Sunday

You know what to do.

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Whore Stigma Makes No Sense

This is a guest post by Clarisse Thorn, who blogs at Pro-Sex Outreach, Open-Minded Feminism. (The above image is a slide from a presentation by Marlise Richter, a researcher at the AIDS Law Project, Centre for Applied Legal Studies, University … Continue reading

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It’s not just violent clients who abuse sex workers

Today is International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. There are 21 events happening in the U.S. alone; more are listed on the site. Too many sex workers are killed, raped, assaulted and abused because, to paraphrase Oregon serial … Continue reading

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And… she’s Muslim

So this article by Nick Kristof isn’t actually as bad as it could be. He honors Dr. Hawa Abdi, who is a pretty amazing woman. He points out that it’s totally fucked up that there are going to be Congressional … Continue reading

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Hospital saves woman’s life; is told by Catholic leadership not to do it again.

File under “You know you’re an asshole when…”: A Catholic hospital saved the life of a young mother of four. The woman was pregnant and suffered from life-threatening pulmonary hypertension, which caused her heart to begin to fail. Doctors determined … Continue reading

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Maybe I will have something more intelligent to say about this later, but: I appreciate women who are able to have a sense of humor about fashion, and who recognize that for a lot of us, clothing is wearable art … Continue reading

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NYPD Fakes Statistics, Downgrades Rape Charges

Anyone who’s seen The Wire knows the drill here: There’s political pressure to have lower crime rates, and so crimes are downgraded and not fully pursued. Which, in New York, has let serial rapists go free. An investigative report by … Continue reading

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