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Well this is terrifying.

Even as they advocate for limited government, many of the Republican presidential candidates hold expansive views about the scope of the executive powers they would wield if elected — including the ability to authorize the targeted killing of United States citizens they deem threats and to launch military attacks without Congressional permission.

Sure, yeah, kill whoever with no oversight or rule of law. I don’t see what could go wrong. more

Vaccinate, please.

Because it’s not just about you: I HAVE chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Three months ago, I underwent an allogeneic stem-cell transplant, in which my wise, 52-year-old white blood cells were replaced by bewildered, low-functioning cells from an anonymous European donor. For the next seven months or so, until those cells mature, I have a newborn’s immunity; I am prey to illnesses like chickenpox, the measles and the flu. more

Merry Christmas!

To all who celebrate, I hope your holiday is very merry. Here is my gift to you. more

A Goodbye

It has been so long since I’ve produced original content at this blog that you could certainly be forgiven for not realizing I was still here. A goodbye may seem somewhat redundant, but I’m the kind of person who likes closure. more


This selection of photos of people who passed away in 2011 is beautiful, and will make you cry. more