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On Charlie Sheen

It probably isn’t super surprising to hear that I can’t stand Charlie Sheen. The fact that Two and a Half Men exists makes me believe that none of us deserve nice things. I think he’s a jackass and an abusive, … Continue reading

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Monday Reads

The Oscars were last night, and all the predictable winners won. I’m always more interested in the dresses (THE DRESSES!), so, my winners were Mila, Scarlett, Halle, Michelle, Hailee and Mandy. Losers were Nicole, Amy Adams, Natalie (SORRY GIRL), Penelope, … Continue reading

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Radical childcare collectives across the USA

I recently found this awesome article by Heather Bowlan, originally published in make/shift and republished in Utne Reader: In 1989, China Martens went to an international anarchist gathering in San Francisco with her one-year-old daughter and found, to her surprise, … Continue reading

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Jill Stanek thinks punching women so they have black eyes is hilarious

LOL the GOP is punching people in the face. Hilarious. That link goes to a cartoon of a man armed with a GOP-labeled boxing glove. He stands next to a woman with a black eye whose name tag says “Planned … Continue reading

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Shameless Self-Promotion Sunday

Go ahead.

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This is how you write about a break-up.

After reading so much self-indulgent shit on the internet — especially about stupid details of peoples’ personal lives that are apparently shared with no greater purpose or message other than “This happened to me once” (to which I say, GET … Continue reading

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Rally for Women’s Health Tomorrow

Be there! Details for New York: Right now Congress has 1 agenda item: take away your access to reproductive health care. The U.S. House of Representatives has just voted to bar Planned Parenthood health centers from all federal funding for … Continue reading

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Dear Rep. Franklin: I submit my used tampon as evidence.

There’s a new bill in Georgia sponsored by Rep. Bobby Franklin that would require women to file police reports when they miscarry, since fetuses are Georgia citizens and their deaths are potential crimes. I’m going to write more about the … Continue reading

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I’m not married because I’m a selfish bitchy slutty shallow liar

Actually, all of those things other than “liar” are totally true. Mad Men writer Tracy McMillan explains to all of us ladies why we aren’t married (and we all want to be, obviously — just admit it, girls). How does … Continue reading

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More on Kay Hymowitz

So I should probably stop beating this Kay Hymowitz horse to death, but her “successful women have made men TERRIBLE” really stuck in my craw. In her piece, she suggests it’s a big problem that “Not so long ago, the … Continue reading

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The best news you’ll hear today

The Obama administration has ordered the Justice Department to stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act, because it’s unconstitutional. President Obama has decided that the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional and has asked his Justice Department to stop defending … Continue reading

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Where my ladies at?

Annoyed at the lack of gender balance in media bylines? Irritated at the excuses of editors who claim that there just aren’t enough female journalists? Check out Lady Journos, an Ann Friedman Production.

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