Ask an Abortion Provider

Absolute complete and total must-read.

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  1. Emeryn says:

    People like her make the world a better place. As some of the commenters on that article stated, I feel weird- I don’t know her, I haven’t ever had anything to do with her… and I’m proud of her.

    The way she phrases things reminds me of the Planned Parenthood doctor who dispensed the “morning after” pill to me when I was just barely eighteen and my ex and I had a one night stand with no protection. She made me feel at ease, like there was no shame in what I was doing, and even managed to make me laugh.

  2. C... says:

    Contraception abortion: many women who take the precautions to prevent pregnancy are entrapped by unhealthy men who want to control them. I have even heard of men who convince them to get pregnant then force them to get an abortion once they are pregnant. Sick jerks.

  3. Ruth says:

    That was excellent, in particular the part where she says that an abortion is something women can feel happy about. There’s so much shame surrounding abortion that getting one is thought to be every woman’s worst experience ever, and if you dare say that you are not sorry you had one or you don’t speak about it in terms of trauma, you are an absolute monster. I can see that getting an abortion is difficult, but there are many difficult things, even emotionally distressing events, that we feel happy we did or experienced.

    In this respect, this is an awesome link:

  4. outrageandsprinkles says:

    That was awesome, thank you for linking to it.

  5. Andrea says:

    Really great article. Thanks for this.

  6. Azalea says:

    Nice! I’ve always wondered why there weren’t more ob/gyns who performed elective abortions (believe it or not many will simply refer a patient to an abortion provider or another ob/gyn who will). Hopefully there will be many more feminits healthcare providers who can or will learn to provide abortion services. It’s much needed.

  7. preying mantis says:

    “think of why you’re a person who doesn’t want someone to do the best that they can under the circumstances they’re in”

    <3. So very hard.

  8. Wings says:

    I’m not sorry. It took me a long time to be able to say that, since it’s pretty much what is universally expected of me, but I’m not.

    I am in no doubt that I made the right decision.

  9. jillian says:

    last thanksgiving, i was out with my friend (we both have kids) and the topic of pregnancy drama came up. i “admitted” i had an abortion – in hushed, euphamistic tones because we were at a children’s play area. she told me she did, too. we’ve been friends for a while and we can talk about hairy husbands, poopy diapers, leaking breasts, episiotomy scars, stretch marks, bloody shows and yet, this had never come up before.

    yep, it’s every* woman’s little secret.

    *figuratively speaking

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