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Why is the Gay Rights Movement is So Far Ahead of the Abortion Rights Movement?

On last week’s episode of Glee, gay characters Kurt and Blaine kissed, and not just a peck-on-the-cheek kiss. A full out passionate, lip-smacking smooch. I was pretty pleased about this (ok, I was grinning from ear to ear) and then … Continue reading

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Chris Brown, Still Keepin’ It Classy

Chris Brown made his way to GMA this morning and was riding on the high of being relevant again, what with headlines about his penis and the restraining order against Rihanna being lifted. He’s changed his ways, he keeps assuring … Continue reading

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Frances Fox Piven Has a Posse

I’m enough of an Internet Personality that I’ve had some hate-tweeters and hate-bloggers in my time. Not a lot, but a few. But I’ve never gotten as many straight-up nasty responses as when I tossed off a tweet Friday night … Continue reading

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