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Scott Adams to Men’s Rights Activists: Don’t bother arguing with women; they’re like children.

Note: A slightly different version of this piece originally ran on Man Boobz. Trigger Warning: Some of the links in this piece contain harsh anti-woman slurs; the comments section on my blog is largely unmoderated. So Scott Adams — the … Continue reading

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Read This: Afterthoughts on Alexandra Wallace and White Female Privilege

There’s an excellent piece on Racialicious today by Andrea Plaid, which quotes Feministe guest blogger Sarah Jaffe quite liberally. Go read it and tell me what you think. Excerpt below: To me, Wallace’s tirade pivots on Jaffe calls the Sarah … Continue reading

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The Right to Fuck Up

I almost called this post “Fucking Up: A Right or a Privilege?” but I decided that A. I am tired of debates over privilege and B. I believe we SHOULD have a right to fuck up. I’m not talking just … Continue reading

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Compassion Fatigue

I’m in a clinic. It’s dirty. There are lots of other women there, women who look like me. The room is rectangular and the chairs squeak when you get up. I’m there to have an abortion. I’m 14 weeks pregnant. … Continue reading

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