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Checking in with the women of Kazakhstan

Well, the campaign for Kazakhstan’s 3 April election has just kicked off, and women are coming under the spotlight, too. In celebration of the country’s twentieth anniversary of independence, the First Congress of Kazakhstan Women has just taken place in … Continue reading

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Must-read piece of the day

The Disposable Woman, by Anna Holmes.

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Duh! It’s the tiger blood. (Seriously, this is the funniest thing you’ll see all day, cat ladies).

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Ask an Abortion Provider

Absolute complete and total must-read.

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Feministe is looking for a good intern.

Please spread the word and apply! Feministe, one of the oldest and most widely-read feminist blogs, is seeking an intern to assist with posting feminist content, reaching out to writers, organizing our social media strategy, working with advertisers and managing … Continue reading

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Where are you from? Part 1

I want to begin a project about, for lack of a term, what I’m calling “fromness”. That is, the sense that you belong somewhere, there is a beacon calling out to you, a sense of home. Perhaps you don’t have … Continue reading

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Westboro Baptist Church protests are protected speech

Look, I hate these guys so so so much, but this is the right decision. And it makes me nervous that any Supreme Court justice (here, Alito, who was a one-man minority) would think otherwise. Free speech cases have often … Continue reading

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How my life wasn’t always Happy Fun Boundaries Are Perfect Land

A reader recently sent me an email in which they said: i know you have always had clear boundaries with yourself (at least how you have described yourself) Well. I guess I’ve had a pretty good sense of my boundaries, … Continue reading

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Unsolved Hysteries

Remember the campaign, started by Devery, to submit photos of your used tampons to Rep. Bobby Franklin in Georgia? Well now there’s a blog aggregating all of the crime scene photos. Meet Unsolved Hysteries, and submit your pics. No zygote … Continue reading

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A fetus will “testify” about abortion bill

Oh wow. I would LOL because, seriously? But this is actually pretty fucked up: A fetus has been scheduled as a legislative witness in Ohio on a unique bill that proposes outlawing abortions after the first heartbeat can be medically … Continue reading

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This is what white privilege looks like

This video is one of the clearest and most appalling demonstrations of white privilege that I have ever seen. And this is probably the shortest post I have ever written on any topic, because I can’t think what else to … Continue reading

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Escapes and Ensnarement

Did you miss me? I decided to enjoy the last of my holidays engaging with such fun activities as reading books (because you just know I don’t have to read enough of those as an English major). Now, with books, … Continue reading

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