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And the best hat goes to…

Beatrice! It’s like fallopian tubes meet Mickey Mouse ears: I’m trying to track down a photo of her crying during the ceremony, which was my favorite moment of the whole wedding, but no luck yet.

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The Most Oppressed Minority

Carnival Workers. Who knew?

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Step 1: Buy pearls. Step 2: Clutch.

Women are going to college and then not marrying plumbers. Holy crap, who are they going to marry then?! In a few weeks, the first of the 2011 college grads will toss their mortarboards in the air and bid adieu … Continue reading

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Are yoga pants appropriate for work?

So should you wear yoga pants to work? It depends; do you work at a yoga studio? Then that’s ok. Or are you a busy mom who sacrifices dignity for comfort? That is not ok. Elastic may well be a … Continue reading

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Extraordinary Sacrifices and Self-Promoting Con Men

Baratunde Thurston is the absolute best, and you should just watch this video right now. Baratunde breaks down how humiliating the birther “controversy” is; he says “we have all been debased by this incident.” And he’s absolutely right. Do please … Continue reading

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Regarding the Obama Birth Certificate

Obviously it is a fake. Obama says he was born in Hawaii. But we’ve all seen the show LOST, which was filmed in Hawaii, and no one survives childbirth on the island. So it’s IMPOSSIBLE that Obama was born in … Continue reading

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“The time has come,” the Walrus said, “To talk of many things…”

I’ve had a hilariously ridiculous time with Internet connectivity over the last six weeks or so. I’m waiting on my third Internet company to connect me up (in my brand new house, I just moved!) in a couple of days. … Continue reading

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Awaiting the Royal Wedding

My interest in the royal wedding doesn’t extend far beyond the Times style section dress speculations, Kate Middleton For The Win and wondering how in the world Our Future Princess gets her hair that shiny (seriously how? The people have … Continue reading

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Sick of small plates? Heavens no!

Jason Kessler’s bio sounds a lot like mine: He “loves to complain almost as much as he loves to eat.” But now I will complain about him. Because he is indisputably, unequivocally wrong. Why do I hate small plates? Because … Continue reading

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I know I can fight rape culture by ….

On Monday evening, for the first time, I got to attend a meeting for the awesome new Chicago coalition: Sexuality Health Education to End Rape (SHEER). It’s all about a sex-positive approach to rape prevention, and the folks there were … Continue reading

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We need better birth control

Yes yes yes to all of this (from a lady who no longer uses birth control for many of the reasons cited in the article). The statistics on women’s satisfaction with birth control should be enough to make Big Pharma … Continue reading

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Standardizing Sizing

It is about time. In one store, you’re a Size 4, in another a Size 8, and in another a Size 10 — all without gaining an ounce. It’s a familiar problem for many women, as standard sizing has never … Continue reading

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