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Go to Walgreen’s and demand a pap smear.

Oh wow this idea is brilliant: FLASH MOB ALERT!!! FOX & Friends thinks we don’t need Planned Parenthood because women can just get their breast exams and pap smears at Walgreens (which is not true). Let’s prove them wrong by … Continue reading

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Contraception use is the norm among religious women

Not surprising, but putting it out there for the folks who think that there’s actually some sort of legitimate debate about contraception in the the United States — it’s really only fringe anti-choicers who oppose birth control. And yet those … Continue reading

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Grassroots organizing for feminism, S&M, HIV, and everything else

I wrote this for Bitch Magazine’s Feminist Coming-Out Day Blog Carnival; the goal is to talk about feminist “click” moments. Earlier this month, my sex-positive documentary film series screened “Jane: An Abortion Service”. The film tells the extraordinary story of … Continue reading

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