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WisCon: Feminist Science Fiction & Fantasy, coming up in Madison

WisCon is an awesome upcoming feminist science fiction convention that will happen in Madison on May 26-30. Here’s the Statement of Principles, which includes the following: WisCon has been a feminist science fiction convention since its founding in 1977. The … Continue reading

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Shameless Self-Promotion Sunday

Do your thing. Also, happy Easter! I’ll be brunching hard with lots of champagne, and toasting to Jesus (“thanks for the soul-saving!”). Anyone else?

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The Evangelical Adoption Crusade

Go read this article by Kathryn Joyce. Be horrified. Adoption has long been the province of religious and secular agencies, but in the past two years evangelical advocacy has skyrocketed. In 2009 Russell Moore, dean of the School of Theology … Continue reading

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Say Yes to the Dress: Big Bliss

Admission: I love wedding shows. LOVE THEM. Say Yes to the Dress is my favorite because even though I do not particularly endeavor to get married and the idea of wearing a wedding dress makes me nearly break out in … Continue reading

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Oversimplifying Sex Slavery: Demi, Ashton, and Badvocacy

This is a guest post by Jessica Mack. Jessica is a global feminist and reproductive rights advocate. She enjoys exploring, making trouble, speaking out, and learning languages. She’s very tall, so that makes her extra scary. Jessica is an editor … Continue reading

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Wait, and it’s feminists who hate men?

Wow Liz Jones, you are something. I am sorry that your marriage ended and that your husband cheated on you, but uh, just because you have a particular experience doesn’t mean that your life speaks to some sort of universal … Continue reading

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It also doesn’t help that I picture Hulk Hogan’s face every time I get close.

Rich Santos on why your boyfriend can’t orgasm (your boyfriend is Rich Santos): I’ll be completely candid here: I don’t orgasm often during oral sex or intercourse. What is the cause of this phenomenon? I’m not sure, but I have … Continue reading

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Women and Anxiety

Women are twice as prone to anxiety as men — but girls don’t start out more anxious than boys, and it’s not because women are “natural” worriers: When it comes to our preconceived notions about women and anxiety, women are … Continue reading

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Some people deserve bad reputations.

Andrew Wakefield is one of them. He’s the guy who promoted faulty research that implicates vaccines in the onset of autism, and encouraged parents not to vaccinate their kids. As a result, diseases that were nearly eradicated have returned, and … Continue reading

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The Baby Next Door

This essay (via Motherlode) about living in the apartment next to a crying baby is actually pretty good. I expected to hate it, since my view of complaining about crying babies next door is, “When you live in one of … Continue reading

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Scott Adams, greatest internet troll alive.

Scott Adams, man. This guy! First he compares women to children and get all up in Feministe acting like a whiny-ass titty-baby. Then it turns out that his “biggest fan” on internet message boards is actually… Scott Adams, sock-puppeting. And … Continue reading

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I may never be a woman :-(

One night at a dinner table at a wedding, I got into an argument with a female guest about terminology I was using. She was asking about my dating escapades and I kept calling females “girls”. After a while, she … Continue reading

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