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Mitch Daniels Defunds Planned Parenthood of Indiana, and Why You Should Care

This is a guest post by Lauren Bruce, life-long Indiana resident, founder of and former resident blogger at Feministe. Last week, Jill reported that the state of Indiana might cut funding to Planned Parenthood as well as enacting some of … Continue reading

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Lady Problems

I believe that men should be appreciated for who they are and what they do, not for what they look like. So I totally understand a Brooklyn hipster newspaper’s decision to photoshop all the men out of photos of the … Continue reading

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Telling a dude about an impending abortion

I know a lot of folks around these parts aren’t big Dan Savage fans, but I personally am, and I think his general take on sexual ethics is pretty spot-on (even while I quibble with a lot of the details). … Continue reading

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Preventing Cruelty on the Farm

So this thread is predictably out of control — which let’s be honest, I knew was going to happen, because it happens anytime we talk about food and/or post pictures of cute animals — but some interesting and important arguments … Continue reading

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Lawyer Music Nerd Stuff

Bob Dylan is apparently quite the influence on lawyers: U.S. District Judge Robert S. Lasnik — Your Honor, not Bobby — has been known to invoke the voice of the vagabond poet in rulings from the federal bench in Seattle. … Continue reading

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