Shameless Self-Promotion Sunday

Post a short description of something you’ve written this week, along with a link. Make it specific – don’t just link your whole blog.

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Jill began blogging for Feministe in 2005. She has since written as a weekly columnist for the Guardian newspaper and in April 2014 she was appointed as senior political writer for Cosmopolitan magazine.
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  1. accalmie says:

    Hi! This week, in You’re Blocking Me In, I wrote about the idea of “conservative feminism,” (as allegedly embodied by chancellor Merkel and others in Germany, and Sarah Palin and others in the US) and why I get really annoyed with the apparent success of this strategy (rather than the mere term).

    As I have now learned, it is not uncommon in some US states to put up billboards for gastric bands, but for me, living in Europe, that was a first (…whilst on holiday in Spain); so I wrote a rather angry post, Adjust Yourself about the repulsiveness and hypocrisy of fat-shaming and marketing gastric bands as the cure for alleged weight-induced depression.

  2. David F says:

    I wrote a post on humor and group identity. The gist is that some jokes can be funny from one comedian and offensive from another based in large part on whether the subject of the humor identifies with teh comedian or not. (I used Jeff Foxworthy and the Democratic nominee for KY Commissioner of Agriculture for my examples.)

  3. accalmie says:

    …and since that was a total HTML-fail, here we go again (I am sorry… :/):
    1) Conservative “feminism” in germany and the US:
    2) Fat-Shaming, Gastric Bands and Depression:

    Thanks :)!

  4. JetGirl says:

    How one class can become a full-time job, and how this finally feels like college:

  5. Nine says:

    This week I had an article published over at Lesbilicious on the whole Paula Brooks, Amina, appropriation and ‘allies’ thing.

  6. Suzan says:

    I started off the week addressingthe problem of homophobia and internalized transphobia on the part of someone in GB who thought drag should be banned from Pride Day.
    A Major Reason Why I Do Not Support the HBS Crowd : Rose White
    I wrote a piece about how I though the terms cissexual and cisgender degraded both TG/TS people and not-TS/TG people.
    Time To Retire “Cisgender/Cissexual”
    While it is the season for Pride Day events (although not in Dallas) I am so far past surgery and dealing with transsexualism I do not feel much connection with the trans-communities. But I have been lesbian for so long I feel more at home there.
    A Reminder of How Being Post-Transsexual is Different From Being Transgender

  7. A post on a piece of sloppy journalism about Planned Parenthood:

    And a book review of _Inventing Memory: A Novel of Mothers and Daughters_ by Erica Jong:

  8. Tori says:

    A couple of endometriosis-related posts:

    It Gets Lonely — On how I feel when I stump all my doctors.

    Normalizing Pain — How remarks minimizing significant pain contribute to diagnostic delay.

    Semi-related, I started a chair yoga series, which hopefully increases accessibility — part 1 seated mountain.

    Also, how matters of intent operate, in and outside of a yoga practice.

  9. I posted an interview that was originally published on Fictionaut earlier this year, in support of my new short story collection, The Meaning of Children. title: “‘What would an American do?’ (On invigorating your writing career)”


    Meg Pokrass (Fictionaut): Where do stories come from? What makes them happen… for you? Talk about recurring theme or themes in your own work here…

    BA: No doubt, many of my stories come from my subconscious, from unresolved issues in my own life. Preoccupations. Grains of sand that irritate and ingratiate. Recurring themes in my work include children, of course, and religion–I’m Jewish so many of my characters are, too–but one of my characters has an epiphany at St. Joseph’s Oratory, a Montreal landmark, Canada’s largest church. Again, I look for emotional triggers. Survivor guilt turns out to be a big one–that has to come from the Holocaust, where I lost half my family. Foster children are a recurring subject–I grew up with several over a 10-15 year period, and I realized after rereading the collection several times during a very compressed production schedule that I must have been pretty grief-stricken when they left to resume life with their families (or to other placements)…

    Here’s the link:

    Please come and mosey around…thanks for this “shameless self-promotion exercise!”

  10. Shobhna says:

    Hi, I wrote a response this week to an article in a major Indian newspaper, an article called “Slut Walk? No Thanks” in which the journalist walks a thin-line between rationality and slut-shaming.

    My response: Slut Shaming? No, Thanks!”

  11. This week, on No, Seriously, What About Teh Menz?:

    Godless Altruist talks about the difference between “women, be safe” and “rapists, don’t rape.”

    Marc begins a series on misandry in video games.

    Dr. Mindbeam says that men experience sexism too.

  12. Aydan says:

    I wrote about understanding asexuals having sex (since asexuality and celibacy are very frequently conflated) and why sexism is bad for the environment, in response to a Grist article about women biking.

  13. Palaverer says:

    Tired of anti-choice whining, Gratuitous Uterus decides to try a little wining of her own. Gratuitous Uterus also practices safe sex.

    As of this post, there’s still half an hour left to bid on the Gratuitous Uterus on eBay in support of Planned Parenthood of North Carolina.

  14. Amanda says:

    This week, I wrote about how I’m losing weight without intending to, and the fact that the way I’m reacting to it is at odds with my views on weight and appearance:

    I also wrote some about how I feel that the internet– especially the comments sections of blogs like feministe!– function as my generation’s consciousness raising group:

  15. I reached my 50th post this week, and on Friday, with the help of a friend, wrote about being a pro-sex, anti-porn feminist. We aimed to put all our arguments and to answer common counter-arguments too. The comments thread has got really interesting:

    (This post mainly came about as a result of answering the same arguments on Twitter one too many times!)

  16. wl says:

    Rapist Pigs Investigating Rapist Pigs – a response to a letter in the New Times newspaper in Uganda.

    This Man is Not a “Pimp” – on physics professor David Flory, and the ridiculousness of calling a man who ran a message board he didn’t even make money off of the “Pimping Professor” as the media is doing.

  17. Kristin says:

    I wrote a post about the loss of respect for teachers in Seattle and the U.S. generally, and what people can do about it in everyday conversation:

  18. KateC says:

    For Pride, I wrote a short post about the PBS Documentary “Stonewall Uprising”:

    I also plan on writing an advice column for my blog, so if you have any questions you would like to see answered, feel free to send them to my Formspring account:

  19. Slut: How do we explain the word to our girls?

    With all the slut talk that’s been in the media lately, I’ve realized that the word “slut” means something entirely different to a 40-year-old mother of two than it does to a teenage girl.

  20. I wrote
    a review
    of the 1977 Francois Truffaut film The Man Who Loved Women. It is still highly pertinent to the current day.

  21. Lasciel says:

    I wrote about how often harmful the social justice use of the term privilege has become in I’m Sick of the Concept of the Concept of Privilege

    I also wrote about why I, as an asexual, would like to be able to identify as queer in
    It’s Cold Out Here in the Rain

  22. We have started a new Urban Fantasy Blog that looks at reviewing and analysing Urban Fantasy from a social justice lens.

    This week we’ve looked at an interview by Anna Paquin, a review of Kevin Hearne’s Iron Druid Chronicles, some thoughts on MTV’s Teen Wolf, and a review of Anya Bast’s Elemental Witches series

  23. Melissa says:

    My attempt to articulate my frustration at dealing with a sexist creep from my past:

  24. petya says:

    I have been blogging in Bulgarian at for a few years now. I recently created a tumblr account of the same name where I keep a visual companion to my blog. I post images of feminist art, photographs of my favorite artists, writers, and musicians, and miscellaneous visual inspiration to soothe the feminist soul. My most recent entry is on Shoko Tendo, daughter of a yakuza boss, who is the first Japanese female ever to break the code of silence and speak about life for women in the underworld. Hope you stop by:

  25. Ebonmuse says:

    This week, I wrote about a survey from TrustLaw that asked which countries are the most dangerous for women, and noticed a trend in the results: most of the dangers that women face, whether it’s shocking acts of violence or the mundane realities of everyday discrimination, are rooted in patriarchal, fundamentalist religion.

  26. Angela Gail says:

    This week I wrote about our daughter telling us that she wished she had a mom and a dad (rather than the two moms she has).

  27. Demon says:

    Check out my review of a book about the lives of commercial sex-workers in Lahore’s old city.

  28. Marie says:

    I wrote about the wacky city of Portland (hosting a wild Pride Parade and a Naked Bike Ride in the same weekend):

    The fantastic experience of a Janis Joplin concert in 2011:

    I discovered a bunch of songs about Marie through the wonder of Youtube:

    And I reviewed The Red Tent on my book blog:

  29. Alyssa says:

    This week at the Jewish Currents Magazine blog I wrote about how I came to be comfortable as a secular Jew:

  30. Rachel says:

    This week I continued my series about women in sports, specifically “grunting at Wimbledon,” and homophobia on the Nigerian women’s soccer team:

    And I also expressed my opinion on Geraldo Rivera calling Casey Anthony a slut on national television.:

  31. Alex says:

    Whoops, html fail!

  32. RachelW says:

    I, perhaps pointlessly and clumsily, tried to remind folks of the real difference between a fertilized egg and a baby, using a seed/gardening analogy.

  33. Garmonbozia says:

    Sin Number Onehttp:

    My blog is called The Good Girl, and I’m blogging my way to being a good person. Today I counted and analysed the first of my sins – flakiness, in the sense of an ADHD-esque lack of staying power, and the sins of omission that it leads to. I write a lot about my writing. I only started my blog yesterday (points for realising that I’m using it to improve on said staying power), but seeing as how I’m very interested in sex, gender, human nature, what being ‘good’ even means (now or ever in history), these things are bound to come up.

  34. Missed last week because I was travelling, so this is two weeks’ worth of shameless self-promotion:

    Before I went on holiday, I wrote about feeling pressured about my appearance, and also about the evil=sexy that appears a lot in popular fiction (especially a lot of SF-based things) – the evil doppelganger for some reason is always portrayed as being much more sexual and/or better in bed than the “good” version.

    This week, I wrote about the panics of my disrupted travelling plans.

    I also responded to World Femininity Day, and Julie Bindel’s speech about it. I was unhappy with both of them.


    Even when you’re underproductive or otherwise fall short, never try to blame, shame, guilt-trip or otherwise abuse yourself into productivity.

    Also, a reminder that the entire text of my book The Lifelong Activist: How to Change the World Without Losing Your Way is now online at . Sections including Managing Your Mission, Managing Your Time, Managing Your Fears, Managing Your Relationship with Self, and Managing Your Relationship with Others.

  36. Antoinette says:

    Abortion Battle Casualties: Bargaining Away Health Care for America’s Most Vulnerable Women

  37. Andie says:

    Mostly personal this week:

    I haz the secks talk with my pre-adolescents I Just Had The Puberty Talk and The Sex Talk at the Same Time and Now I Need a Drink, Thanks

    And a short fiction with a bit of a moral – Sometimes You Just Gotta

  38. I publish the voices of inmates. This week I published a piece that is part of a two part series which is compelling and has hopefully led to an investigation. The piece is by inmate John at Maine State Prison:

  39. Michelle says:

    This week, I wrote a piece as part of my “Why I Am A Feminist Today” feature:

  40. This week, The Sartorial Nerd reviewed the new Green Lantern film, focusing on the role of Carol Ferris played by Blake Lively. The character is a nice departure from the typical damsel in distress!

  41. I wrote something, and I’m sharing it here!

    “I don’t get to talk, but I wear fabulous suits.”, about the ironic discrimination in X-Men: First Class.


  42. This week on Gender Across Borders

    We reviewed the film “Girls On Top“. We broke down what the latest loss in the Wal-Mart gender discrimination battle means for women. We asked the question, is it finally time to lift the ban on women in the army? Finally, we tackled the issue of sexualizing swimsuits for young girls.


  43. Last week: a belated Father’s Day post, because it’s still needed to happen.

    Today: on weddings, and the fact that I’m still getting used to the idea that they’re normal.

    To come: heading back to the warm heart of Africa next week, get ready!

  44. Last week: a belated Father’s Day post, because it’s still needed to happen.

    Today: on weddings, and the fact that I’m still getting used to the idea that they’re normal.

    To come: heading back to the warm heart of Africa next week, get ready!

    best wishes,

  45. Lindsey says:

    I wrote about the Porch radio – my worries about the oceans and a whole she-bang – entitled Popculture Smörgåsbord. Check it out @

  46. Cheshire says:

    I discuss what it means to be read as a slut and when it is importemt to note than not everyone can choose to be read as a non slut (or as a sexual person)

  47. Kay says:

    This week I wrote about the Walmart case and why it is not in line with modern discrimination practices:

    And on searching for answers to chronic pain, and why the medical community has in some ways earned the widespread mistrust of modern medicine:

  48. Molly says:

    If anyone is in Ohio, please come out to the rally tomorrow! (Tues. 6/28 at 9:30am at the statehouse in Columbus)

    HB 125, aka, the “heartbeat bill” will be voted on this week. It would ban abortion after fetal heart sounds can be detected–depending on the ultrasound equipment/method used, that can be as early as 4-6 weeks, or before uterus-bearers may even know they’re pregnant. It’s unconstitutional, creates zero jobs, and a big waste of time and money.

    Also, there are two abortion bans hidden in our state budget bill.

  49. Charity Burdick says:

    A brief description of my struggle as a Christian and a feminist. Topic marriage.

  50. Larkin Callaghan says:

    I wrote a piece about the sexism, fetishization of women, and promotion of violence against hetero-normative sexuality in Duke Nukem:

  51. I have a weekly contest in which readers suggest topics. I pick one of those topics and write about it by the end of the week. This week’s topic was pretty challenging. It’s titled Endometriosis: What is it, and how can it be treated. It’s not a groundbreaking post by any means, but hopefully, someone will find it helpful.

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