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Unsolicited Advice to Women’s Professional Soccer

Saturday night, I went with my good friend, Patrick Reis, to see the WPS Sky Blue vs. Western NY Flash game. As he’s a journalist, I asked him if he’d share his thoughts on the experience. So… guest blogger under … Continue reading

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Shameless Self-Promotion Sunday

Go ahead.

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Bearing Faithful Witness and the Social Justice Life

I choke up every time I read “She Should Write,” Ann Friedman’s farewell to Feministing earlier this year. (Jill recommended it here at the time.) Being committed to social justice means, at its worst, living in defeat. Sometimes no matter … Continue reading

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If you can’t beat them and you won’t join them, you can at least take their names

In the Washington Post today, Lisa Miller brings what looks like old, unwelcome news to feminists like me: Now, in a reversal, some conservative Christian women are tentatively claiming the feminist label for themselves. In the reframing, feminism has nothing … Continue reading

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The art of boobs

A gift for the artistically inclined, or really for anyone who’s ever wondered how Power Girl can run without concussing herself: Webcomic artiste Ovens offers a quick and handy tutorial on drawing boobs that actually resemble regular, human boobs. It’s … Continue reading

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Shabbat alert.

Just a quick note: As mentioned in my first post, I’m Jewish — as not mentioned, I’m a little more observant than many. I don’t work on Shabbat, and thus won’t be around to fish comments out of moderation or … Continue reading

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Things I do of which I am ashamed.

Please note UPDATE in the comments (#82). I’m a feminist. I’m 46 years old, and I have never known myself to be anything but a feminist, in word and in deed. I marched for the ERA as a young high … Continue reading

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Life in America sucks. It used to suck more. Discuss.

Huh! So – not a single comment [thanks for the comments there, too!] on my Israel/Palestine post! Hardly even a click to see how I look on the small screen! I’m so used to people just waiting to jump into … Continue reading

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Breaking: Nafissatou Diallo speaks out at press conference

The video, via Reuters.

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links for 28-7-2011

In Arkansas, as high school decided having a black girl as their valedictorian would be too controversial, SO THEY APPOINTED A WHITE CO- VALEDICTORIAN. This is actually so ridiculous I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Amy Winehouse passed … Continue reading

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Palestine, the UN, Israel, the Oslo Accords – & me, on Russian TV.

UPDATE: I’ve added a link with some basic background on the conflict in the comments. When I introduced myself earlier in the week, I said that I write a lot about Israel/Palestine, but that I also write about a lot … Continue reading

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There’s an app for that. (Yeah, I went there.)

The fight against violence against women has reached the Office of the Vice President–which is good, because there are a lot of other offices that would have let it sit in the foyer without even offering it a cup of … Continue reading

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