Day: July 6, 2011

Things that are ok:

Being vegan. Yay vegans, eat what you want, live ethically, you are not all insufferable sanctimonious pricks, etc etc. Things that are not ok: Leaving your roommate an off-the-chain straight-up aggressive note telling them they’re no longer allowed to have…

Pretty solid advice.

According to my pastor, a gentleman should spend $50,000 on his fiancee’s ring; anything less says, “I think you’re human garbage.” Good thing most Americans have a spare $1 million to drop at Tiffany’s.

Food Visibility

Bittman has a great column this week about the ridiculous proposed laws to ban filming and photography at farms. Animal rights and sustainable food activists have embarrassed corporate farms by publishing footage of how corporate farms actually treat animals, and…

Breaking: Blood is Red

Even when it comes out of your vagina. American menstrual product manufacturers have finally taken notice, and menstruators across the United States are thrilled to learn that they are not, in fact, freaks of nature because they don’t bleed blue.

Of Spanking and State Violence

Latoya Peterson writes about spanking, households where violence is atmospheric, and how assumptions of peace influence our conversations about punishment. Go read it, because it’s an incredible piece.