Day: July 8, 2011

The World Map of Useless Stereotypes

This is amazing, but I think it proves correct the stereotype that Northeasterners (or at least New Yorkers) are jerks, since the map-maker gives NYC its own continent. But the French stereotype is totally accurate. Those guys LOVE cheese.

Unsolicited Advice for Bristol Palin

The fabulous Jaclyn Friedman has a new column at Good, where she dispenses unsolicited sex-related advice to people who need it. This week: Bristol Palin. A taste: Dear Bristol, I so wish you and I could have this conversation on…

Soccer, Sports and Sexism

This is a guest post by Anna Lekas Miller.
It is as impossible to avoid the suspense and excitement of the World Cup. It is equally impossible to discuss the games solely sports when they are such an explicit symbol of nationalism and internationalism. Yet until recently I had no idea that the Women’s World Cup even existed – much less that it is happening right now.

The Gender Equality World Cup

The FIFA Women’s World Cup is entering the single-elimination phase, and Mark Leon Goldberg is taking a look at how the teams would do if victory were decided in terms of gender equality. Here’s how he did it: I consulted…