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Pregnancy: a Public Affair

Figuring out whether or not you want to have kids is the weirdest thing. I have gone through about three distinct periods: When I was a kid, and I assumed I would have kids; when I was an adolescent and … Continue reading

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Open letter to the fashion industry, or: “Nude” – not actually a color.

Dear Fashion Industry, I’ve been meaning to write ever since that big wedding that took place in London this past spring, and then as various bits and bobs of fashion flotsam and jetsam have wandered across my heat-blurred summer vision, … Continue reading

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Feministe Feedback:

A reader writes in looking for help for a course: I’m teaching a course on recognizing privilege to 10-12 graders in the fall. In order to teach it effectively, I need examples of any sort of racist, sexist, homophobic and … Continue reading

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The Man Who Hated Women

Shocker: Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik is a racist and a misogynist, and his shooting rampage was inspired by his hatred of women, Muslims, and brown people. He uses a lot of the same tropes as Men’s Rights activists. He … Continue reading

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Lovely to meet you.

Hi Feministe! :: waves :: So, I’m one of the summer guests! And I’m very honored, not to say a little surprised to be here. My own blog is a teeny-tiny affair, and because I have roughly as little tech … Continue reading

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Summer, Sex & Spirits TONIGHT!

Tonight, Monday July 25th, is the 7th annual Summer, Sex & Spirits hosted by the PPNYC Activist Council in New York City. I will be there, and you should come too. There will be an open bar all night, music … Continue reading

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