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Norway and terrorism as a daily event.

In the West, we seem to have at least a double standard when it comes to violence and mayhem. When violence and mayhem involves People Who Look Like Us (“us” in this case generally translating to: ethnically European/white, not-poor, citizens … Continue reading

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Twirling in Neon

Violet Photons Have Low Entropy or I Used to Wear Black I wear colors now! a purple hat red top green skirt blends in with grass when I lay back to hug the sky my lips as clovers eyes brown … Continue reading

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Living With Contradiction: Beauty Work and Feminism

When I read Emily Hauser’s critical, searching post last week about beauty work she does that she feels is antifeminist, I got all jazz-hands—even more so after reading everyone’s comments and seeing the complexity therein. Since my focus at The … Continue reading

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Hi all!

I’m Shoshie, and I’m super excited to be guest blogging here for the next two weeks! I write occasionally over at my blog, Catalytic Reactions. I’m 25, currently living in sunny Seattle. I love hyphens, exclamation points, and the serial … Continue reading

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Hello My Name Is

Ahoy, Feministes! I’m honored to be a part of this summer’s guest blogger crop. For the next couple of weeks I’ll be your houseguest, and I promise to make the bed and ask before I take a long shower, and … Continue reading

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