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AlJazeera recently published this article lamenting the fact that more women politicians don’t identify as feminists. Flavia over at Tigerbeatdown goes into the nuances about why the AlJazeera article misses some crucial points.

In Latin America, or at least in many parts of Latin America, feminism is a very disliked topic and, not for the reasons people might believe. It is not frowned upon because of machismo (ah yes, a word so many love to throw around uncritically when referring to Latin America) or because “Latinas are tools of the patriarchy“, but because feminism, at least the Western conception of feminism, is perceived by many, as inherently oppressive of minorities. Many Western feminists have gone to Latin America and have attempted to narrate Latin America’s history and realities with a lens that didn’t take into account the many vectors of violence affecting local women. Indigenous women, mestizas, women from rural areas, migrant women, etc, etc, all have been subject to gender violence that is pretty unique to our continent and when reading this violence, the Western feminist paradigm of non intersectional gender oppression does not necessarily apply.

Also over at Tigerbeatdown, this post made me want to throw things, but also made me ache with laughter.

More on past and present Slutwalks from Colorlines:

I happened to be in Vancouver screening my documentary the day before their SlutWalk, and I talked to South Asian, North Asian and indigenous women who we’re going despite their concerns. They were adamant about not walking under the slut banner, especially without any analysis of their history. The indigenous women talked about how their [ancestors] had been systematically raped by white men in an effort to exterminate their race. Japanese women talked about how their families had been parceled throughout Canada during World War II. Despite the differences in their histories, I appreciated the solidarity amongst women of color there. They had their reservations, but they went and made it based on their realities.

Same baby, different colour.

AMC is airing a show about the transcontinental railroad, without any representation of the Chinese workers who built the railroad, many of whom died during the construction in another case of whitewashing history.

Things are still tense and violent in Egypt, but the people are still taking to the streets.

The importance of self-care in feminist activist practice, from The Crunk Feminist Collective.

The oakland museum of california is featuring a super cool archive project documenting collection of posters of modern progressive movements in the united states. Art and revolution, check it out!

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  1. August 7, 2011 at 11:10 pm

    Also over at Tigerbeatdown, this post made me want to throw things, but also made me ache with laughter.

    OMG- I am so stupid/naive that when I saw that in the list of trending topics on the right hand side of my twitter, I thought “Hmmm…’reasons to be at your girlfriend’? I wonder if that’s bad grammar or just some expression the kids use nowadays…” The very idea depresses me, and makes me really wish I was still in my ignorant little bubble.

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