Day: August 9, 2011

I’ve got a little list

I would hereby like to share my list of ways to completely and totally shut down what you hope will be a productive conversation with a colleague. 1. Insist that the person you’re speaking with is unqualified for their job…

Protesting =/= Rioting =/= Looting

This is a guest post by Hannah, a writer and activist in sunny London town.
No one seems willing to separate out the different strands involved: various motivations were in play, from the righteous to the selfish; various tactics were used, from the peaceful to the murderous. And the events themselves can be clearly separated into at least three different categories which must be considered separately.

It’s the class war, kids

This morning my Twitter feed is full of two seemingly disparate things: the riots in London, the cleanup, the aftermath, and then the recall elections in Wisconsin. Two things that seem so far apart but when you look at them,…

Magic Genitals (Part 1: Erykah Badu)

(or: She’ll Make You Change Gods!) I am, to the untrained eye, a hippie-dippy, no-relaxer-wearing, Whole Foods shopping afro pixie faerie princess. I research traditional African spiritual practices, keep florida water and incense on hand, I bathe with Dr. Bronner’s…