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A New Word and a New Cause

First a new word. Kama’aina. Pronounced like this. It means, essentially child of the land referring in this instance to residents of Hawaii.

I’m attempting to add this word to the social justice lexicon, because too often the residents of Hawaii are conflated with Hawaiians. This isn’t just a pet peeve on my part (although, yes, I find it highly annoying), its also a political problem.

Hawaiians are the indigenous people of Hawaii. Their culture was almost obliterated by disease brought by Captain Cook and his expedition, then by western exploitation and religious conversion, then by theft of their land, and more recently by poverty and neglect (pdf). Its a familiar story no doubt, but one that deserves your attention. Continue reading

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Your definition of foreign exchange is not like mine.

“Their experience of America is America within the four walls of a factory in a subcontracted company and in the heart of a company town, and that’s not the America they came to experience. . .These student workers are actually … Continue reading

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PETA to start a porn site, because of course.

I don’t see what could possibly go wrong with this plan: Instead of focusing on anti-fur, the porn site will raise awareness of veganism, said Rajt. “We really want to grab people’s attention, get them talking and to question the … Continue reading

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Dirty Girl Ministries

The title of the ministry — and the tagline “Dirty Girls Come Clean” — makes it sound like this could be a pretty fun church. Sadly no! The No Stones recovery group is part of an organization called Dirty Girls … Continue reading

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Rally / Press Conference in Support of Nafissatou Diallo TODAY in NYC

It’s looking like the case against Dominique Strauss-Kahn may be dismissed because of “credibility issues” on the part of Diallo. City Councilmember Letitia James, along with the awesome feminist activists at Permanent Wave, have organized a press conference and rally … Continue reading

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How do I define feminism for myself and my future kids? (Reader question #98)

This question is from a woman who was raised in a very traditional environment and who is now trying to learn about feminism before she gets married and becomes a parent. She’s looking for recommendations for reading (websites, books) that … Continue reading

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Hello, ducks!* I’m C. L. Minou, and I’m ecstatic to be a guest blogger here on Feministe. To get the usual descriptives out of the way: I’m white, almost 40, TAB, and (the rumors** were true!) a trans woman. I … Continue reading

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