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Step into my film school! The importance of casting in breaking open movie stereotypes

Did any of you catch Matt Zoller Seitz’s pieces on underrated actors and actresses? Given that the purpose of “top ten” lists is to make people argue about who should really be on the list and obviously there are great … Continue reading

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8/23, Never Forget.

OMG you guys did you feel it? There was a 5.8 earthquake in Virginia, which we felt as an earth-shaking 2.2 here in New York. WHERE WERE YOU? I was walking to the copy machine, it was pretty crazy. Apparently … Continue reading

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Virginia Prisons Will Strengthen Policy Against Shackling Pregnant Inmates

This is a guest post by Katherine Greenier.
The DOC will now strengthen regulations that protect a pregnant inmate’s dignity and health, and the health and safety of her pregnancy. Ankle restraints or restraints that in any other way restrict the woman’s movement will not be used during transportation outside the prison, or during labor, delivery and post-partum recovery. Continue reading

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Love, Sex and Interracial Dating

Over at Racialicious, Latoya is hosting some amazing roundtable discussions about race and dating. You can find them all here. Our own Holly is featured in the Asian roundtables (parts one, two and three), and Lauren and I will both … Continue reading

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Reason No. 5,234,108 to Hate KBR

They are now seeking to recover the costs of defending rape and hostile work environment claims brought by Jamie Leigh Jones.  They assert that her rape claim was frivolous, unreasonable, and groundless and that she brought the claims in bad … Continue reading

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Class war? Or one-sided attack?

If I don’t have it, why should you? It’s the basis of the resentment I hear and see on the part of people who snarl about those unions (who get so! much!) those striking Verizon workers, those students on the … Continue reading

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