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An Ode to Video Games - Well, Maybe Not an *Ode*

An Ode to Video Games – Well, Maybe Not an *Ode*

Oh, yes. My commodore 64. Circa 1989 you would have found me hunched over my C64 coding early video games and saving them on to a cassette tape. I loved video games from the beginning and I still own a working version of every console I ever played on. And I’m not picky either. I’ve […] more

More on The Help and Romantic Hindsight

. . .though not by me. In the comments on Jill’s post about The Help, Angel H linked to an excellent, hard-hitting essay by Dr. Bernestine Singley that covered the reality of being a Black woman who worked as a maid. She also puts to rest the bullshit lines that a family’s maid loved them […] more