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Auf’ed Is A Word In Every Gender: A Few Reality TV Notes

So here’s the thing: while waiting this past weekend in my just-across-the-block-from-the-evacuation-zone apartment for the threatened transformation of New York from this: Into this: …I did not spend my weekend writing posts for Feministe, as was my brief, but instead … Continue reading

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Love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear.

This is a guest post by Debbie.
Throughout his political career, Jack Layton championed progressive and feminist causes, including reproductive rights, pay equity, LGBT rights, affordable housing, improving public transportation, and fairer immigration policies. Continue reading

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I’m too pretty to come up with a title for this post. I wonder if my brother’s busy.

Unimportant update: Turns out my brother was actually busy recovering from back surgery, which slipped my mind only for a second, I swear. Regardless, he was game to do my homework for me, thank God. I believe the children are … Continue reading

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UNITAID in Cameroon

Last week, I was in Cameroon with Cheryl Contee, Baratunde Thurston and Mark Goldberg, as part of a press group following UNITAID Chairman Dr. Philippe Douste-Blazy as he visited hospitals and clinics that served patients via UNITAID-funded programs. It was … Continue reading

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Eric Angell admits to raping a woman

Eric Angell is some guy I’ve never heard of, who was apparently employed by The Second City in Chicago. And last week, he decided to get on stage and give a nice little monologue about raping someone in her hotel … Continue reading

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You can just. . .

Via Karnythia’s tumblr, I found this post that summarizes Chef Karl Wilder’s attempts to feed his family for two months on the allotment a family gets on food stamps. Wilder, who did this as part of an awareness campaign for … Continue reading

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