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The Consequences of Ruin Porn

So whenever I talk about ruin porn, I’m always asked why any of this matters. What does it matter if there’s a hundred or a million pictures of “dead” Detroit? They’re just pictures! They’re pretty! Only, they’re not just pictures. As discussed here, if you don’t know what you’re looking at, you can often draw […] more
The Ruin Porn Post

The Ruin Porn Post

So here we are at the ruin porn post! Ruin porn is not easy to talk about, especially not with those who collect it. And people outside the city that is a part of ruin porn rarely see the discussions around ruin porn as important. And yet those same people who turn away from “local” […] more

Cat About Town

This is pretty amazing: A cat got lost in Colorado in 2006, and was found yesterday in Manhattan. more