Day: September 18, 2011

On the other side: Hope Porn

For the rest of the series, see: A short history (1) A short history (2) The Ruin Porn Post The Consequences of Ruin Porn Out of the ruins, springs hope. It’s an inspiring idea, one that we hear all the…

Stolen Babies

A really great article in the Times about American parents who adopted children and the ethical issues that arise when you realize that the adoption industry sometimes involves coercion and kidnapping: On Aug. 5, this newspaper published a front-page article…

Virginia Board of Health Approves Most Onerous Regulations for Women’s Health Centers in the Country

This is a guest post by Katherine A. Greenier.
Under pressure from the Attorney General’s office, the Virginia Board of Health voted on Friday to place burdensome and unnecessary regulations on women’s health centers in the state, placing women’s rights in jeopardy. The threat these regulations pose to women’s access to health care and patient confidentiality reinforces that we must always be vigilant in order to protect constitutional freedoms.