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So There’s a Woman Dressed All Sexy-Like: Your Role as Observer

There’s a lot of ongoing debate about what, exactly, a woman is looking for when she goes out dressed all sexy-like (which is itself a subjective concept). Men (and women) get ideas about exactly what that woman wants, what she … Continue reading

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Note-leaving TSA agent suspended

The TSA agent who left a very special note in my suitcase last weekend has been suspended. I am still fairly shell-shocked (and not in a good way) by the amount of attention this has gotten, especially since it’s turned … Continue reading

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The Only Girl In The Group

This is a guest post by Meghan O’Neill.
Hi. It’s Meghan. I’m a comedian. I mostly work in sketch comedy and I once belonged to a sketch group where I was…get ready for it…THE ONLY GIRL IN THE GROUP! […] a lot of the time, I was the author of those sketches. I was writing myself as the part of the patient wife or the bitchy girlfriend or the silent, sexy old lady and giving the spotlight to some other male person. On a good day, you’d call that generous. On a really good day, you’d call that stupid! Why would any writer/actor give up their best parts?! Continue reading

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