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Domestic Violence is an Every Day Issue

This is a guest post by Katherine Greenier.
While October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, it may be the grim August murder of Crystal Ragin and her three children in Newport News that serves as the year’s most dramatic reminder that more must be done to protect women from violence. Continue reading

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Feminist bloggers in New York Magazine

So many friends of Feministe in this article! Congrats, ladies, and thanks to NY Mag for the great coverage (even if they didn’t credit any of the current Feministe bloggers, wah wah). Amanda has some particularly good thoughts about what … Continue reading

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Aggravated assault victims are targeted because they’re just too sexy

If you get stabbed, it’s probably because you just look too bangin. That’s the conclusion, anyway, if you follow Charlotte Allen’s logic: The other reality that feminists tend to deny is that rape and sexual desire are linked. Rape, in … Continue reading

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7 Billion

Today, the world’s population hits 7 billion (well, not exactly today, but that’s as good an estimate as any). PSI, a leading global health organization, has extensive coverage of this milestone in their latest magazine. On their blog, you can … Continue reading

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