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Tech interlude: quote and reply bug

A few people are finding that when they use the Quote and Reply link in comments the quoted text ends up stripped of spaces so that it all runs on and on and on and on. I’m going through and editing these as I find them, but if it’s happened to you could you briefly […] more

2011 – World’s First Condom Action Film – Episode Bravo (1080p)

This is a guest post by Echo Zen.
So in this short film, the year is 2020. Extremist politicians have taken over America and banned condoms (along with facts and common sense). Underground networks have arisen to help smuggle condoms to desperate communities. In response, government operatives are authorised to terminate condom smugglers on sight. The result is an explosion of condoms, satire and brutal hand-to-hand action between trained assassins and smugglers. more


Zurana Horton. New York’s Daily News is reporting the gut-wrenchingly sad story of a pregnant Brooklyn mother who died amid a hail of bullets on Friday afternoon as she tried to protect schoolchildren at Public School 298 in the borough’s Brownsville section from a gunman perched atop a nearby roof. Zurana Horton, the 33-year-old pregnant […] more

Shameless Self-Promotion Sunday

Post away. more
This is just a really appropriate gif today.

This is just a really appropriate gif today.

Thank you Videogum, my life is now complete. more