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Community Request!

Does anyone have the time to help transcribe a twelve-minute video interview for Feministe? I want to post it, but want to make sure it’s accessible to all of our community members, so it needs to be transcribed and I … Continue reading

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Our own Lauren on teen pregnancy and parenthood

Feministe founder Lauren Bruce has some fantastic things to say in this interview: Which is why I like how you put that — that “young moms are encouraged to accept failure.” To many, pregnancy and parenthood is the punishment teen … Continue reading

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Sex & Marriage

In the epic breastfeeding thread below, someone brought up another Dear Prudie letter from Tuesday’s column, so let’s discuss: Sex Is a stumbling block: My wife and I have been together for eight years. We regularly had sex until three … Continue reading

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Apologizing for being right

Today’s Dear Prudie has some doozies, but this is my favorite: When Grandpa Says the ___ Word: Over Thanksgiving my conservative ornery father used a number of racial and sexually oriented slurs. My college age daughter heard him use one, … Continue reading

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Another day, another Cain sex scandal

So who knows if this is true or not, but the most interesting thing about this article, which details the claim that Cain had a 13-year affair, is this third-to-last paragraph: He refused to go into any detail about Ms. … Continue reading

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Storytime: The Tell-Tale Ring

For the next month or two, I’m going to be contributing weekly pieces to the girl-power website Off Our Chests. Here’s my latest. Snip: So, I have this ex. I dated him for a long time, but we haven’t really … Continue reading

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Children on Flights

Flying with kids has been the topic of three New York Times articles over the past few weeks (one, two and three), and the responses are predictably polarizing. Because yes, having a screaming kid on your flight absolutely sucks. I … Continue reading

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Schools Must Protect Students from Sexual Violence

This is a guest post by Katherine Greenier.
Sexual violence in schools and on campus is a pressing civil rights issue. When students suffer sexual assault and harassment, they are deprived of equal and free access to an education. Continue reading

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Sister Bloggers

A great piece is in Good this month by Nona Willis Aronowitz about the prevalence of Mormon lifestyle bloggers. Read it all, but Nona is trying to answer the question of why so many female lifestyle bloggers are Mormon. She … Continue reading

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The HPV Vaccine is Coming to Developing Countries

Big news: GAVI announced today that it intends to introduce HPV and rubella vaccines in developing countries. Each year cervical cancer causes 275,000 deaths with 88% taking place in poor countries. It is projected that the number of deaths will … Continue reading

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Shameless Self-Promotion Sunday

Do your thing.

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Things to do on Black Friday that don’t involve shopping

I’ve done Black Friday once. Once. In my thirty years. I was 22, there was an artificial Christmas tree I’d seen in a circular, and so my mom and I threw on coats over our PJs, stood outside of Kohl’s … Continue reading

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