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Community Request!

Does anyone have the time to help transcribe a twelve-minute video interview for Feministe? I want to post it, but want to make sure it’s accessible to all of our community members, so it needs to be transcribed and I do not have the time. If anyone is available to help out, shoot me an […] more

Sister Bloggers

A great piece is in Good this month by Nona Willis Aronowitz about the prevalence of Mormon lifestyle bloggers. Read it all, but Nona is trying to answer the question of why so many female lifestyle bloggers are Mormon. She doesn’t come to an exact answer, but it seems to be some combination of: They’re […] more

The HPV Vaccine is Coming to Developing Countries

Big news: GAVI announced today that it intends to introduce HPV and rubella vaccines in developing countries. Each year cervical cancer causes 275,000 deaths with 88% taking place in poor countries. It is projected that the number of deaths will rise to 430,000 women each year by 2050 if no action is taken. To reduce […] more