Day: November 1, 2011

Doctor, there’s a face on my tumor.

At least it’s not an image of the Virgin Mary: The image of the man’s face, seemingly in some distress, was sent to Urology, the International Society of Urology’s official journal, and was published in the journal’s September volume. G.…

Where are the women of Occupy Wall Street?

They’re right there, says Sarah Seltzer, and have been all along: The dozen women I spoke to for this story—most of them queer-identified and/or women of color—have witnessed varying amounts of offensive behavior, such as unwanted touching or use of…

Charlotte Allen Missed the Memo

This is a guest post by Thomas Macaulay Millar.
Allen’s idea is that rape is merely a sexual urge men cannot control. Leaving aside all the other evidence, this ignores the recent research into who the rapists are: they are not out of control. They are very much in control. Allen’s puritanical finger-wagging cannot hold up to the actual evidence.