Day: November 9, 2011

On wresting good from stupid: Herman Cain, sexual harassment and sexual assault

This is a guest post by Emily L. Hauser.
With the revelation of what is turning into quite a slew of accusations of sexual harassment and/or assault (“Hey, baby, you’re lookin’ gooood tonight!” [or some such] being the former; grabbing a woman’s inner thigh and pulling her head toward his crotch [the actual accusation that Sharon Bialek has leveled] being the latter) we have an opportunity to wrest some objective good out of this mountain of stupid.

links for 11-09-2011

College midterms have finally released me from their clutches, so here is a long overdue link round-up ! Here is a mishmash of articles published over the last week you should read. A review of a book by feminist Phyllis…