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On wresting good from stupid: Herman Cain, sexual harassment and sexual assault

This is a guest post by Emily L. Hauser.
With the revelation of what is turning into quite a slew of accusations of sexual harassment and/or assault (“Hey, baby, you’re lookin’ gooood tonight!” [or some such] being the former; grabbing a woman’s inner thigh and pulling her head toward his crotch [the actual accusation that Sharon Bialek has leveled] being the latter) we have an opportunity to wrest some objective good out of this mountain of stupid. Continue reading

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links for 11-09-2011

College midterms have finally released me from their clutches, so here is a long overdue link round-up ! Here is a mishmash of articles published over the last week you should read. A review of a book by feminist Phyllis … Continue reading

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Congratulations, Mississippi. You’re up…. rest of the country.

More than 55 percent of Mississippi voters agreed that no, in fact, zygotes are zygotes and women are women, and women get to make choices about women’s lives and health. Such that they were already allowed to, anyway. Raise a … Continue reading

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