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The Walking Dead: How not to minimize liabilities in a zombie apocalypse

Okay, The Walking Dead. I’ve been giving you a lot of passes. The horrible, awful accents. The fact that they were right there at the CDC and nobody thought, Hey, maybe we should stop off for some firearms and SUVs … Continue reading

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“One Abuse Script with Many Faces”

We’ve been discussing gaslighting as an abuse tactic in two previous posts in response to this article by Yashar Ali who reassures us that we ladies are not crazy (thanks). In the first, Caperton dissects Ali’s message directly and the … Continue reading

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Fat acceptance, circa 1957

Hell yeah, she can look just as pretty as her less generously proportioned friends. She can also be as happy as a hit with a rollicking beat, and she can have a tummy and still look yummy. And those dresses … Continue reading

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