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Yes, Emma Sullivan is definitely lucky she’s not Ruth Marcus’s daughter.

As are we all. If you were my daughter, you’d be writing that letter apologizing to Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback for the smartalecky [She actually said “smartalecky.” I didn’t just add that. -Ed.], potty-mouthed tweet you wrote after meeting with … Continue reading

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Jaclyn Friedman on What You Really Really Want, Plus Live Chat Next Week

Two weeks ago, I had the great pleasure of interviewing author, activist, speaker, former Feministe guest-blogger and my friend Jaclyn Friedman. Jaclyn’s latest book, What You Really Really Want: The Smart Girl’s Shame-Free Guide to Sex and Safety is out … Continue reading

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Wait, is it 2005 again?

“Back Off, Angry Commenters: Has the Internet unleashed new levels of bile?” by Katie Roiphe: A new species has risen from the shallows of the Internet: the angry commenter. Sure, there is a long tradition of inspired cranks and interested … Continue reading

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