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Teenagers: Way More Boring Than We All Thought

It turns out that teenagers are not even sexting that much. Ugh, teenagers. Don’t you know that adults’ lives are so horrifyingly boring that we have to occupy ourselves by harping on you young, adventurous things doing stupid crap like … Continue reading

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Most watertight breakup letter ever

A lady friend of mine who happens to be an incipient lawyer recently broke up with her boyfriend. The boyfriend sent her a long post-breakup email (we’ve all sent that email). She composed a 100% kind, sweet, watertight response that … Continue reading

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Eight Red Flags I Learned from Online Dating

I have an article in GOOD today about online dating red flags, and how the internet evens the gender playing field. Check it out. And yes, someone on Twitter already sent me this article in response. The one red flag … Continue reading

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Emma Sullivan vs. Sam Brownback: A marketing case study

The biggest screwup out of Kansas Governor Sam Brownback’s office of late is easy: tattling on an 18-year-old to her high school for some juvenile comment she made on Twitter during a Youth in Government field trip to the capitol. … Continue reading

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