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Go Team Patriarchy

Here’s a Cat And Girl comic that always, always, always makes me crack up. Humorless feminists UNITE. (Transcription below the fold:

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For a South American Getaway, Try Cartagena

I’m writing about my love for Colombia in GOOD this week. A bit: The best way to enjoy Cartagena, though, is to put pleasure first. Meander. Buy unusual fruit from a street vendor. Get freshly caught fish on a paper … Continue reading

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Feminist-Friendly Marriages on Television… Or Not

This is a guest post by Ashley Lauren.
Believe it or not, fighting against patriarchal norms that come with the idea of marriage has been a piece of (wedding) cake compared to what it has taken for me to define myself as a wife in the face of what pop culture tells us wives in heterosexual relationships are supposed to be. Continue reading

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“Twilight” as a cautionary tale about traditional gender roles

The most tragic part of the whole story is that this empty shell of a person – which at this point is nothing more than a frozen echo of Bella, twisted and destroyed as she is by her co-dependence with Edward, fails to see what has happened to her. She ends the story in denial – empty, annihilated, and having learned nothing. Continue reading

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