Go Team Patriarchy

Here’s a Cat And Girl comic that always, always, always makes me crack up.

Humorless feminists UNITE.

(Transcription below the fold:

Cat and Girl are watching a baseball game. Girl2 is waving a flag that says “Patriarchy”.

Girl asks Girl2, “You’re rooting for the patriarchy?”

Girl2 says, “Oh, I don’t usually. But I’ve got a friend on the team.”

Cat says, “Who’s winning?”

Girl2 says, “Huh?”

Cat says, “Who’s winning?”

Girl2 says, “I don’t understand.”

Cat says, “Which team is the patriarchy?”

Girl2 says, “Both.”

Girl says, “Duh.”

Girl2 continues cheering and waving her Patriarchy flag.)

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  3. denelian
    December 8, 2011 at 5:19 am

    how have i lived without knowledge of this comic?

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