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Jerry Sandusky showered with boys to teach them “basic hygiene skills.”

Of course he did. And if that explanation isn’t offensive enough, the boys needed to be taught hygiene because they were poor. And poor people are dirty: Continue reading

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Die-In tonight; Tomorrow is International Day To End Violence Against Sex Workers

I’ve got some links to some event locations, great links and 101 materials about sex workers’ rights – feel free to link to your own posts about sex work, the International Day To End Violence Against Sex Workers, and relevant events in the comments. Continue reading

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Interview with a sex-positive feminist

Recently, I received an email from a student who is writing a paper about sex-positive feminism. He asked a bunch of questions; while I was reviewing those questions, I decided to just go ahead and post them plus my answers publicly (with the student’s consent, of course). Continue reading

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Girl-on-Girl Victim-Blaming Action (or, The Most Terrible Time of the Year)

This is a guest-post from Jaclyn Friedman.
[trigger warning for the text and the embedded links]
What is it about December that inspires mass breakouts of victim-blaming? Is it the darkness encroaching on our days? Is it the way the holidays make us all want to drink? Whatever it is, it’s happening again. Continue reading

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Goodbye, Mr. Hitchens

I don’t expect that Christopher Hitchens will be a favorite among Feministe readers, but he is a personal favorite of mine. Often wrong, often sexist, a total alcoholic misogynist disaster, but — a phenomenal writer, a modern philosopher, a true … Continue reading

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