Day: December 19, 2011

Can commodification save reproductive justice?

This is a guest post by Echo Zen.

“It sounds ludicrous. Let’s try it.”
“Good. I’m down for anything involving karate and contraception.”*

As Feministe readers may have noticed lately, my crew of summer film students and I have been making short films on kung fu condoms over the past few months.

Fall Into the [Reverse Gender] Gap

This is a guest post by Jessica Mack.

One of the concepts that I hope fades out as we enter 2012 – along with flash mobs and marshmallow vodka – is the “reverse gender gap.” Somehow, in the American obsession with doom and gloom, small but important gains for women have become a reason to worry. They’ve become a reason to claim that the gender gap is not just closing, but – worse – it’s reversing.